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Genealogy: What’s your motivation?

In this Huffington Post article, the author describes her motivations for conducting family history research.

Both her father and grandfather keep quiet when it comes to discussing their family history and even try to lure her away from digging up the past through short references to "dark secrets and family feuds."

But like most people with curious minds and a sense of investigation, preventing her from making inquiries only makes her even more interested.

What are my motivations for investigating my own family?

For me, it's a strong desire to know who my ancestors were and where I come from, to understand my ancestors and how they lived, to use that information and apply it to the present.

What about you?

What are your motivations for researching your unique family history? Are you trying to unlock anything in particular?

Share your stories in the comments below.

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  1. Just like its important to find out what kind of diseases run in your family, I believe its important to find out traits good and bad that run in your family history. Blessings of artistic, musical, abilities, education, etc. should be taught to your children and family members to teach a feeling of pride and nurture those abilities. Strongholds of negative traits like mental illness, alcoholism, poverty, anger, pessimism, abuse, etc. runs in families also. These should not be hidden in closets and swept under the rug. These should be brought to the attention of your children and family to warn them that these traits are there in the blood line and they can choose not to fall into them, but instead be aware to choose and nurture the positive ones. Hiding them will only cause them surface somewhere down the line and not even realizing that they are there. Knowledge is power to fight the bad traits. Believing in the good traits, and nurturing the good will grow the good.
  2. I enjoy finding living cousins. A friend conversed with me on facebook on our surname page. At the time I did not know that we were related. My father's parents were never married, grandpa married another woman, as with grandma also. Grandma died (1937) when dad was 6 years old, thus dad was an orphan. Dad was raised by his grandparents thankfully, otherwise his ancestrial tree would be a dead end. My cousin did some searching but came up with a few unrelated persons. Turns out dad knew the full names of his parents, after comparing trees with my facebook friend, I found out we were 7th cousins. So now we are more like brothers on facebook. Since then, I've found about 10 more living cousins on facebook. It's a small world!
  3. My half-brother met a half-sister, neither knew that the other existed till a few years back. Strangely they united by chance at a social service, she was an service employee and he was seeking assistance. When he gave the name of his father, she replied that it was the name of her father also (Brother meet your Sister for the 1st time). My half-brother is currently under going cancer treatment and having a lung removed this month. The both of them know their father but their dad's ancestry is unknown, their dad passed away prior to their being united. My motivation is to take my half-brother's DNA and find his distant ancestry and maybe match his father into my tree as my distant cousin. Though we do not have the same father, I found my ancestry makes my father 33rd cousin to my half-brother via our maternal ancestry. Hopefuly I can help my half-brother and his half-sister find their paternal roots.
  4. my motivation is preserving the knowledge of my grand parents before they go.
  5. I am trying to find adoption records of my late father - He was born in Iowa in 1914 and I believe he was adopted in Glenwood, Minnesota. Would the courthouse have records? if so what would the record show ? also how do I get a copy of the records?
    Your help would be most appreciated.
  6. im trying to find Hemsworth men i am trying to write a family book about the Hemsworth Men in the military war and peace what units and what jobs it a lot of work but what an adventure i have started out on

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