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Expert reviews of Record Matching

Our Record Matching technology, launched last week, has made a big splash in the genealogy industry.

Check out what some of the most influential genealogists on the Web have had to say about it:

Randy Seaver, Genea-Musings post 1, post 2:

"I like the MyHeritage Record Matching technology - it is a step forward in helping researchers with online family trees find online records that can add content to their database in the quest for finding our elusive ancestors."

"This system of Record Matches is excellent - especially when there are too many matches to consume in one sitting."

"No other provider of record searches provides a similar service for newspaper articles - this one is unique to date."

James Tanner
, Genealogy's Star post 1, post 2:

"On my very first tries, I was impressed and that isn't very common. I don't usually do software reviews because I like all of the programs and I don't want to appear to hold favorites, but this turns out to be different. MyHeritage.com has come up with a new service that should impact many genealogical researchers in a way that hasn't happened previously."

"This is really significant -- MyHeritage.com Record Matches."

"In my opinion, this is a significant step forward for the online genealogical community."

Pat Richley-Erickson
, Dear Myrtle:

"I discovered items about ancestors using MyHeritage Record Matches not previously known to me through personal microfilm, online newspaper and Ancestry.com Member Tree research."

There have been many other noteworthy mentions of Record Matching including those by GigaOm, Genealogy Beginner and Start-up Nation.

We've also received many positive notes from our users and requests for various improvements. We're glad Record Matching is so useful to our users and we'll keep improving it going forward. Please keep your feedback coming and we invite you to share your discoveries in the comments section below.

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. I like this feature very much. Thank you for launching it
  2. I am doing only my family and my husband's, and I really appreciate what you have done with record matching. I am involved with, and tramping through cemeteries is very rewarding. So their part of your Record Matching is especially good.

    Thank you!
  3. I believe this is a great way to help individuals discover family members and I know it has helped me to gain some knowledge about my family.
    Thank you
  4. I think it'a a good Idea!
  5. You guys just keep getting better and better. Thanks!
  6. Very useful for US genealogists and those with relatives in the US. A filter to show only European, and in my case, Irish, records would be a benefit.
  7. great to be able to find and know this is here to help with the family tree
  8. What a great program. I have already found over 200 records.
    Thank you!
  9. I Love this Stuff , Ron
  10. Excellent program.
  11. I believe that the record matching is a huge step forward. Now I dream that something I don't already have will turn up.
  12. A great program. I have used it all ready. Thanks
  13. stig heinström it agreat program and i like it thanks
  14. I need more infomation about Greenberg, Kauffman generations in Russia. Thank u for info. I like to analynse more generations.
  15. souds great
  16. hope to find my family ive been trying for years
  17. Your Record matching feature is great and I believe unique to My Heritage. I have had over 1000 matches and all are confirmed so far as being correct...MyHeritage has it all over most others in providing access to all this data.

    Thank you
  18. Does this help Australians find their UK & German etc ancestors?
  19. My great grand parents came from Londonderry .
  20. Can you find anything on Tillie Zartt or Zardt parents born in Germany. She is my grandmother she married William Frank Patton
  21. Would really like to subscribe, but don't know how. Please advise
  22. Hi Elizabeth, do you have a site on MyHeritage.com? If so, when you login you should see a link to Record Matches on your home page, on the left. If you don't see them, please let me know..
  23. looking for information on the slocombe family tree i am looking for tree family from ilfrocombe england my grandfathers name was willian ernest slocombe. also the addlington family tree. if any one can help it wold be appreciated
  24. would like to learn more about the Campbell tree but keep forgetting my pass word I am 78 and my meomory is very bad
  25. Thank you for a great site but it seems it is all mostly records in America I am only interested in the Nederland ancesters
  26. Good Staff...... its really great .....thank you for this site
  27. As a newcomer to online genealogy, I've found your site and software easy to navigate and share with other family members. Its been an exciting experience for me to have discovered ancestors and facts about them!
  28. Hi Theresa - thank fro your comment. Great to hear that you're enjoing it. You can always share your discoveries with us by emailing stories@myheritage.com. Thanks
  29. It's a good application reminds me on family birthdays


  30. Thank you myheritage.com you have helped me and my gain a lot of knowledge about our family.
  31. i like to know more about the measor family my mam was from kent,her name was Gladys may Dixon,my dad my dad name was betrham measor and he was from shipley west yorkshire
  32. Looking for information on David M. Bennett and the Bennetts of Rahway, NJ
  33. Thank you Heritage.com. I am considering purchasing your software
  34. Thank you myheritage.com! I believe this is a great way to help individuals discover family members and I know it has helped me to gain some knowledge about my family.
  35. Thank myheritage.com
  36. im thinking it a brilliant idea.
  37. . Am a novice with computer - have had one for 4 months. After many disasters I was reluctant to sign up with any genealogy site - to hard to navigate! Then I came accross My Heritage! Much easier to understand what I had to do. Sometimes it is quite intimidating when you haven't the skills. Found important information on my family. Thanks My Heritage.
  38. I was told about this program and when I entered the info of my father the tree began to fill in about my family !!

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