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Poll: Does luck – good or bad – run in your family?

Can luck, or good fortune, be inherited?

Earlier this year we wrote about a lucky lottery story, from 2011, that focused on the McCauley family. Kimberly was delighted when she won $100,000 in North Carolina in a new scratcher game because she'd never imagined ever winning a prize.

She'd always assumed the odds were against her, as her mother had already won big prizes in two other lotteries!

Then there are those of us who have the opposite, tragic experiences that plague our families.

To return to our opening question, do you think luck - good or bad - runs in your family?

Share your answer in the poll below, and leave examples in the comments section.

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  1. Good fortune (luck) does play a huge roll in our every day comings and goings. We may call it chance, happenstance or a whole basket full of labels, but the bottom line still comes back to attitude. We have to continue to look past the horizon and think, work, and feel positive ...
    Just my thoughts.
  2. my great grand mother run away with the buttler it was all down hill from ther
  3. Bad luck runs in my family on my mum's side anyway. My great grandmother got dementia and drowned in a pond behind their house. My great grandfather (her husband) was offered to take the bike home by his son and then had an accident and died. Their son committed suicide. My great great grandfather's wife died along with three of their children in the same decade.

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