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Father’s Day: Your advice

Father's Day

Last week we asked you to send in your best fatherly advice. We wanted to hear the advice you have given your children, or advice your father has given you.

We received lots of great pearls of wisdom and in honor of Father's Day we wanted to share our favorite ones with you.

  • Frances Lynch: My father always said "look after the pennies and the pounds will mind themselves". So true!
  • Debbie Baldwin: "A friend is like a dollar in your pocket."
  • Diana N Gary Dinsick: "When in doubt do the right thing."
  • Ali Eltigani Mahmoud: "Don't make friends with money."
  • Susan Yeatman: "Don’t let anyone make you do something that you don’t want to do."
  • A Phakade Mchunu: Our Dad said "Manners and honesty are your passport to success."
  • Nancy Mendes: My father taught me what family truly is and not to be selfish. RIP Albert Henry Smith
  • Lillian Heron: Dad used to say "Never think anyone is more important than you and never think anyone is beneath you. Treat everyone as your equal and most important - be yourself".
  • Barbara Pettard: My father taught me by example: honor, trust, honesty & truth!
  • Prisca Campbell: "Never let the gas tank fall below half empty". I still hear my Dad's voice in my head whenever I look at the gas gauge.
  • Geraldine Barker: Ever the entrepreneur his advice: "Always buy land because God isn't making it anymore".
  • David Lee: My Father told me to "always be your own person, only you can decide what you're worth".
  • Anna: There were two things my father told me:
    1. You are the creator of your destiny, the world you live in, be courageous and brave enough to walk your own path and if you don't like what you created, change it.
    2: My family were miners of coal, we dug deep into the earth to give people warmth for a pittance of pay. Be the miner of your soul. Dig deep within yourself to find the real warmth and love within yourself and you will discover riches you could never imagine.
  • Kada: My father breathed his last when he was only 28 and I heard him murmuring to my mother on his deathbed, just a few hours before he went to coma. I was very small, too young to understand what he said. Since then my Mother remained forever somber, throughout her life of 65 years. The last thing she told me was that she fulfilled what my dying father wanted of me... letting me stand on my own feet.
  • Bernie: My foster father would say “Do the right thing at the right time for the right reason”. I’m now saying it to my grandkids. Forgiveness is a bold choice. I love you Dad and miss you daily. Happy Father’s Day in heaven.

Congratulations to Lillian Heron on winning a free 1 year Premium Plus subscription for MyHeritage.com! Thanks to all of you who participated.

It's never too late to send us your fatherly advice. Please share yours with us in the comments section below or on Facebook, Twitter or Google+.
Happy Father's Day!

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  1. He or She who has a WHY to live By/For can find any HOW!.

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