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Poll: Largest family reunion

According to Guinness World Records, the largest family reunion attracted 2,585 members of the Lilly family from the USA. The record was set on August 9, 2009.

We’re interested to hear about the largest family reunion you’ve attended. Have you come close to breaking this record?

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  1. Why don't someone check out Vetterville, North Dakota. Not a real town but it is a hugh family reunion.
  2. Every year we have the families of thirteen siblings of Joseph and Veronika Vetter gather at the family homestead. It is a two day reunion wHich begins with family members gathering to get the yard ready for the celebration. This is followed by a cream can supper, then a dance which includes a grand march of people who dress according to the theme for the year. This year the theme was that used to be cool. The next day begins with a parade, followed by a mass. There are usually about 350-400 people at the mass. this is followed by lunch, a talent show, games for all ages, ice cream cones for everyone at three and then supper. Clean up follows supper and then many cousins stay at the site for another evening of family time. On two occasions the reunion included the descendants of Joseph's grandparents, Johannes and Anna Marie Vetter. The unofficial number for the reunion in 2000 was right around 1600.
  3. sorry, I wrote Johannes and Anna Marie rather than Valentine and Franceska. Johannes was one of their sons. The large reunion was comprised of descendants of Valentine and Franceska.
  4. Thanks Diane, I knew that someone would finally say something about the Vetter family reunion. I am a decendant of John & Katherine Vetter. Bessie Block Bell is my dad's cousin
  5. The Guiness world record is about to be beaten by French family Porteau-Clautour in Vendee on August 19th 2012. They expect 4500 cousins to attend!! check this website http://www.cheneau-jean-michel.com/
  6. I am a part of the Lilly family. We have a 3 day reunion!

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