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Mother’s Day: Share your stories

As we approach Mother's Day, we focus our thoughts towards our mothers and think of ways to show our appreciation for all they do for us.

Mother’s Day is about reflecting on the special connection we have with our mothers and recalling the happy memories we share.

People say you learn to be parents from your parents. Does your mother share her mother’s characteristics or mannerisms? Do you?

On Sunday, May 13, (Mother's Day in the US), we'll be writing a special post, a tribute to all the mothers out there.

We'd like to hear from you as to what makes your mother special. Tell us in the comments below and we'll share some of your stories on the blog. If your story is published, send your mother the link. It's one of the many ways you could show her how much you care.

This is open to all, so please send us your story even if Mother's Day is celebrated on a different day in your country.

As my mother say's, every day should be Mother's day.

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  1. Persevarance is what makes my mom special, and the phrase that "crying does not solve anything",the phrase teaches me to look for a solution, rather than complain about it
  2. Can you not do a similar execise in March the traditional time for mother's day in the UK
  3. Hi Charles, we welcome submissions from everyone, not just those who are celebrating Mother's Day on the 13th.
  4. Mom before Dad.That's what I lnaret.If there are people in the world one should devote their love to would be:-1. Mom2. Mom3. Mom4. DadIn that order. Happy Belated Mother's Day MOM!

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