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Luck: Is your family lucky?

The story of a Virginia resident's incredible luck has been plastered all over the news today. Virginia Fike won the lottery - not once, but twice! She bought two tickets - each gave her about $1 million.

Another lucky lottery story, from 2011, focused on the McCauley family. Kimberly was delighted when she won $100,000 in North Carolina in a new scratcher game. She’d never imagined winning anything, although her mother Amy had won two huge prizes - $15.5 million in a the New York State Lottery (1991) and $161,172 in the North Carolina Education Lottery (2007). We might assume that "lightning" doesn't strike twice in the same family, but this family did it three times.

Our question now is of luck in families. Do you believe in inherited luck? Do you have stories of luck running in your family? We’d love to hear them, lottery or otherwise. Share them in the comments section.

While you’re thinking about it, take a look at this video, which features the luckiest people in the world. Are you related to any of them?

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  1. I would love to know how a picture of a Danish lottery ticket ended up on your blog entry?
  2. Hi Soren, thanks for your comment. We subscribe to various image libraries that provide us with images for our blog. Happy to send you a link if you would like. (The word lotto is used in most English speaking countries).

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