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The MyHeritage Family: Our annual party through the years [pictures]

The MyHeritage team - like any family - loves to get together and our annual costume party is one of our favorite events. Every year, we have lots of fun and the costumes are always impressive. Checking the photos from previous years, we realized how fast we've grown and how big the MyHeritage family has become.

MyHeritage Annual Party 2007

Over the last few years, MyHeritage has grown from one man to an international company with many employees around the world, and we feel like one big family.

MyHeritage Annual Party 2008

Behind every great company is a great workforce. One reason that MyHeritage employees love working here is that our offices feel like home and our colleagues are like family.

MyHeritage Annual Party 2009

The sense of heritage and family keeps us inspired, creative and permeates everything we do.

MyHeritage Annual Party 2011

Here's a slideshow of photos from this year's party:


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  1. No wonder I like your product so much. Your company is run by real people, who you all must care about! A breath of fresh air for sure! Thanks for sharing!
  2. Thanks Scott!
  3. Спасибо, вам большое за ваш продукт, мне все очень нравится.
  4. Looks like the Annual Heritage parties get wilder each year. Thank you for sharing with the public. Rock On!

    I like the fact that their are real people to connect with and not just blank contact information on your website.

    This is nicer for business especially with the product that you are selling.

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