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Spring Cleaning: Finding family treasure

The end of winter can mean only one thing - spring cleaning!

While some consider this a dreaded chore, it inspires my creative side (coming up with creative excuses not to do it)!

Readers who are into this annual exercise might be interested in this article from the Huffington Post about a person who found more than they expected when clearing out the attic.

Earlier this month, a Pennsylvania resident found nearly three dozen Hollywood movie posters - expected to bring $250,000 at a Texas auction.

The posters were not in great condition, as they had been stuck on top of each other for nearly 80 years. As each new movie was released, the new poster was attached with wallpaper paste over the old one.

However, after careful restoration by specialists, the posters have been restored to their former glory.

These posters were sitting in that attic for a long time. Did any of the people living in that house know what treasures lay above them?

What surprises lurk in your own home? What might you find in your own attic, basement, garage or in an unlabeled box at the back of a closet?

We’re interested in learning what you've uncovered in your own home. Have you discovered any heirlooms? Have they helped you make discoveries about your family?

We look forward to your comments below.

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  1. We moved into a 1950s bungalow that needed a complete renovation job and when we had the kitchen and electrics done there was an ancient hoover in the loft connected to a switch above the cooker hood which when turned on acted as an extractor fan for the cooker.Ingenious for its time we thought.
    We have put a time capsule in air tight containers in the bay windows we had put onto the front of our property, for future reference e.g newspapers, fashion catalogues photos of us and what the bungalow looked like in 1956 and now in 2012.
  2. Thanks for your comment! Great story!

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