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Poll: How many surnames on your tree?

Surnames (or family names) are a meaningful inheritance bequeathed to us by our ancestors. Our family trees are a rich melting pot of family names covering diverse cultures and ethnicities.

Have you ever counted how many different surnames are on your tree? We invite you to answer the following poll:

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  1. i guess zje program counts them already. where do i find the resulting count?
  2. At this time I have 3081 different surnames ~ not including variations of the same name. I've been doing Genealogy for over 30 years so it's not really as many as it appears for the number of people in my tree. Good Luck all and keep digging.....
  3. If you go back to William the Conq, if a generation is about 33 years, then that's about 30 generations, i.e. 2 the the power of 30 ancestors, = about 1,500 million. The population of Britain then was about 2 million, so (averaging) each one of those would appear 750 times. I ony have about 822 different surnames in my *ancestry*. But, in my *Tree*, there are all the spouses, which would bring it up to about four times that, plus second spouses, say 3,500 that I know about. And then there are all the cousins I know about, and their spouses.... probaly times four again - or even times eight ! What the hell - call it 35,000 ! And then halve it for duplicate names.... How long is a piece of string ?
  4. I have 102 names, 41 in direct line.
  5. thanks to the work of many other people....there is a list of family names
  6. aleksandra kaganovskaya
    March 27th, 2012- 20:30


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