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Family destiny or coincidence?

Is it coincidence or are some families destined to have similar unlucky events happen to them across generations?

Earlier this week a cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, ran aground and sank off the coast of Italy.

While a tragic event for all involved, reports have started coming in about one passenger, Valentina Capuano, and the bad luck she now shares with an ancestor.

In a strange twist of fate, Capuano’s grandmother was a passenger on The Titanic, which hit an iceberg 100 years ago on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.

We are well aware that this is probably just a coincidence, but it’s fascinating to see the way that history often repeats itself in families across the world.

Is there a similar example in your family tree? Has history repeated itself in strange ways across generations?

If so we’d love to hear about it in a comment below, on Twitter or Facebook.

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  1. Wow! How scarey is that.
    My grandfather on my mothers side died from COPD (Cronic Obstruction Pulmenary Diease) in 1976. My mams sister died under 10 year ago with exactly the same disorder. And in April 2010 my mam passed away with exactly the same disorder.
    It makes you think about the children in our family with Asthma, and if this is something they will have to deal with even though they do not smoke!
  2. I
  3. Sorry to hear about that Veronica, but thanks for sharing it with us.

    Thanks for the great comment Ger. Love that you're enjoying what we do :)
  4. I also have a very strange turn of events. My husband and I lost two children, my grandmother lost two children and her grandmother lost two children. I've always felt that was very strange.
  5. My husband's father and his brother were both married to women with the same first name and now in the next generation (our generation)my husband and his brother are both married to women with the same name and initials...
  6. Hmm, I attempted to vote for #20, but the Share link did not cfnoirm my vote, or take me to another page I did not see another option on which to click in order to submit my vote Perhaps I am doing something wrong? Great work Stacy
  7. how are we supposed to live without them. i am devistated even 9years ago. i have family and friends who care a lot and miss them too but it hurts sooo bad i have a terrible time dealing with this. they were both like best friends to me. we connected where my wife and my sole surviving son cannot. i love my wife and my son and now two sweet grandchildren. but my heart is sooo broke i just can't get over this i miss them so much. i yern to just be able to dream about them . i was not the greatest father and now i'm payin for that. i'd do anything to to be able to see them again they were my heart i can't stop crying

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