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Poll: Have you discovered an ancestral home?

Census records are a fantastic tool.

However, the details in the records leave much to the imagination. That is - of course - until you investigate the address listed on the census entry.

It's the part of the puzzle that brings context to the lives of our ancestors. The type of house, the bedroom-to-inhabitant ratio, the local area and surrounding industry - these are all fascinating elements that help us visualise our ancestors'  lives.

Recently, I had the opportunity to visit a not-too-distant home that was shared among a few generations on my maternal side. Lavish, it wasn't; however, the insight into their lifestyle was a humbling experience.

Let us know in the poll below if you've visited any ancestral homes. Alternatively, please leave a comment below.

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30    Jan 20120 comments

The Artist: The magic of cinema of the past

The new silent film, “The Artist,” recently received nominations in all main awards categories for the 2012 Oscars.

A tribute to American silent films, it’s also a nod to early French films such as “The Prince” and the work of the Lumière brothers in the late 1800s.

The Artist - CREDIT: http://www.TheArtistMovie.net


The success of a black-and-white film - and a silent one, at that – is of great delight to lovers of genealogy and history.

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27    Jan 20123 comments

One blogger’s story: Denielle Radcliff Koch

There are more than 2,000 genealogy blogs – known as geneablogs - in cyberspace, and more appear every day.

While some focus on a researcher’s own family, or specialize in a certain country, town or ethnicity, others provide assistance to researchers via tips and tricks of the trade.

Blogger Denielle Radcliff Koch, 29, of North Carolina, fits into several categories with two working blogs and another in planning.

Her mother always told stories about her family. In her teens, Denielle dabbled in genealogy by just talking to relatives. She began seriously researching when her great-grandmother passed away soon after her daughter’s birth. 

“Once I got going, I was hooked.”

When she first began researching, her daughter was a colicky baby and Denielle and her husband were on a very tight budget. She couldn’t afford to pay for genealogy website subscriptions. Library visits with the baby weren’t in the cards, either.

“So I started searching the internet to see what I could find for free. I was surprised to find that there’s actually a lot of stuff out there. “


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Happy Australia Day!

Today, January 26, is Australia Day. On this day, Australians commemorate the arrival of the First Fleet, 11 ships that sailed from Great Britain - to establish the first European colony in Australia - into Sydney Cove in 1788.

This national holiday falls in the middle of the Southern Hemisphere summer, and Australians usually celebrate with friends and family in typical Aussie style, at a barbecue or at the beach.

Another popular way to celebrate is at one of the many events arranged by Federal, State and Local Governments across the country. ln 2011, more than half of Australia’s 21 million people attended them.

Looking for activities? The Australia Day Council has its own website listing all official events scheduled for today.

In addition to the fun and festivities, Australia Day also features the “Australian of the Year Awards” which recognizes leading citizens who are role models for the country. This year’s winner is Academy Award winning actor Geoffrey Rush for his contribution to the arts. You can view a list of the past winners here.

It’s a wonderful day to celebrate all the diverse cultures and landscapes that makes up Australia, to reflect on what we’ve achieved as a nation and to contemplate what the future will hold.

Happy Australia Day!

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MyHeritage During 2011

With the holidays over and 2012 in full swing, we’re taking a look back at the big news from MyHeritage in 2011.

For those who don’t remember what happened over the past 12 months - there were many major announcements – we’ve prepared a summary of the events:

25 January: Improvement to Smart Matches:

In January, MyHeritage released many changes to our market-leading Smart Matches technology. This helped make the process of discovering new family members - past and present - easier than ever before.

9 February: MyHeritage in 100 seconds

In February, we released a 100-second video demonstrating how MyHeritage works. Although meant to be a quick intro for those new to MyHeritage.com, even long-time users wrote to say it helped them learn about new features.

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Chinese New Year: A family day

The most populous country in the world - along with its global diaspora - is celebrating its most important caendar day: The Chinese New Year.

Chinese New Year (known in China as "The Spring Festival") marks the end of the winter season and welcomes the first solar term of the Chinese lunisolar calendar year, Lìchūn. This new year is the year of the dragon.

In the traditional Chinese calendar, the festival begins on the first day of Lìchūn and ends on the 15th day with the Lantern Festival, when traditional Chinese lanterns decorate the streets and children visit temples while carrying paper lanterns.

Chinese New Year’s Eve is a day for the family. Similar to the Western culinary spectacle of Christmas Day (or Thanksgiving), Chinese New Year’s Eve (Chúxī) brings the family together for the annual reunion dinner. Continue reading "Chinese New Year: A family day" »

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Winners: Best genealogy advice?

For the past few days, we've been asking the MyHeritage communities on Facebook and Twitter to share their most valuable genealogy advice.

There were many entries from around the globe, addressing many aspects of genealogy; including research tips, good practice methods and handy hints for online research. Continue reading "Winners: Best genealogy advice?" »

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Family destiny or coincidence?

Is it coincidence or are some families destined to have similar unlucky events happen to them across generations?

Earlier this week a cruise ship, the Costa Concordia, ran aground and sank off the coast of Italy.

While a tragic event for all involved, reports have started coming in about one passenger, Valentina Capuano, and the bad luck she now shares with an ancestor.

In a strange twist of fate, Capuano’s grandmother was a passenger on The Titanic, which hit an iceberg 100 years ago on its maiden voyage from Southampton to New York.

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RootsTech 2012: MyHeritage is on its way!

While genealogy conferences bring together genealogists for learning, sharing, collaborating, RootsTech - February 2-4, in Salt Lake City, Utah - brings together technology developers and genealogy consumers.

It is a great opportunity for technologists and genealogists (of all skill levels) to share ideas, learn from each other and find solutions to family history challenges.

Genealogists and family historians learn firsthand about exciting new technologies and tools to improve their research experience, while developers learn skills to deliver new applications and systems. The program offers many choices; see it here.

MyHeritage.com will be there in force at our display booth 514. Our RootsTech contingent includes:

MyHeritage founder and CEO Gilad Japhet. He will speak at 1.30pm, on Thursday, February 2 and demonstrate new technology to be unveiled for the first time. Family history fans worldwide will be delighted with this presentation. To learn more, you’ll have to be there!

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Genealogy Advice Competition: One day left!

With only one day left until we reveal the winners of the MyHeritage Genealogy Advice Competition, we thought we'd share a sneak peek of the many entries submitted through Twitter.

Remember, we'll pick two winners randomly to receive one of two one-year MyHeritage PremiumPlus + WorldVitalRecords subscriptions. You can also take part by posting your advice on our Facebook page. For full details and Terms and Conditions: view here.

To take part on Twitter, simply tweet your advice with the hashtag #MyHGenealogyAdvice. The competition will close at midnight (GMT) tomorrow.

Here is a look at some entries from the past 24 hours. The advice offered by our community ranges from the useful to the hilarious!

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