21    Dec 20114 comments

MyHeritage Happy Holidays Competition!

Join in the fun by entering our Happy Holidays Video Competition and win one of four HD video cameras!

Participating is easy. Simply create a video of yourself or of you and your family wishing "Happy Christmas (or Holidays) from London (insert location)” in the style of your home town! The video should show the MyHeritage logo at some point during the video, even if it’s just on paper. Download the logo here to print.

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20    Dec 20110 comments

Holidays: All ages celebrate together!

Generations of a family

How do we successfully include all family members into our holiday celebrations?

Every family includes relatives of all ages, from babies through grandparents and even great-grandparents. In many families, there are also members of different religions, cultures, national origins and other factors.

Our unique family histories include so many people who lived at different times, but the holidays – regardless of what holiday your family celebrates – are when everyone gets together.

The group photo above - c1950s, Teheran - shows a snapshot of four generations of my husband's family, taken in the garden of his family home. Family celebrations there routinely included everyone, from newborns to great-grandparents. It is one of the few large group photos existing - I apologize for the quality.

While it may be easier to plan for the younger generation, senior family members may need a bit more attention.

Rheta Rosen, PhD, offers some tips for enjoying the holidays with senior members. She's the coordinator at the Interpersonal Skills Teaching Centre of Ryerson University (Toronto, Canada).

Rosen’s tips include some good points:

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19    Dec 20112 comments

New feature: Automatic record search results

MyHeritage users now receive automatic record search results when browsing profile pages of family tree individuals.

Family tree profile, now with automatic records (click on the image to view full size)

Everyone at MyHeritage was delighted to welcome WorldVitalRecords.com to our family. See our blog post about the acquisition here. This allows MyHeritage users to benefit from World Vital Records and its database containing billions of historical records.

We have started integrating the two sites and, as a start, we've made it easier and faster for our users to view and access historical records from within MyHeritage.com.

If a MyHeritage family tree individual profile has record matches, a green button will appear in the top right corner. Click it and you'll get a breakdown of the records found.

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17    Dec 20118 comments

MyHeritage celebrates our new mobile app! (bonus video inside)

At the MyHeritage headquarters yesterday, we celebrated the release of our new app for iPad, iPhone and Android. Read the news in full here.

MyHeritage mobile team: Raz, Roni, Dov, Addy, Oren, Omer, Danielle, Nimrod and Yehuda.

It was an important day for all of us, the big moment had finally arrived. The day ended with a big celebration, including a special cake!

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15    Dec 201137 comments

NEW! MyHeritage app for iPhone, iPad & Android released today!

The new MyHeritage mobile app has arrived: explore your family tree, capture family moments and much more.

We’re excited to announce the release of the new MyHeritage app for iPhone, iPad and Android (version 1.0). Now you can explore your family tree, capture family moments for future generations and stay in touch with your family anytime, anywhere.

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13    Dec 20112 comments

Making History: Pupils find famous ancestors

We recently posted about MyHeritage’s involvement in the Making History UK schools pilot project.

We now have exciting news to share about famous ancestors and interesting historical connections that the pupils have discovered including:

-- A family connection to Samuel Morse (of Morse Code fame).
-- A relative who was in the Titanic's orchestra when it sank.
-- An ancestor who fought at Trafalgar and died on the same day as Nelson.
-- A family connection to Dame Peggy Ashcroft.
-- A grandfather in an Asian POW camp.
-- A great-grandfather who was a daredevil stuntman who dived into blazing tanks of water and worked once with Evil Knieval.
-- A great-grandfather who was a Hussar in WW1.

The pilot project included a number of sponsors and partners, including MyHeritage, who helped pupils trace their ancestors and also provided the platform on which pupils could input and print out their family trees. The students said that they loved using MyHeritage Family Sites and commented on how easy it was to use.

Miriam Margolyes with project students.

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8    Dec 20110 comments

Nick Barratt’s Family History Show Launches

MyHeritage is delighted to see the launch of the Family History Show, masterminded and presented by family historian extraordinaire, Nick Barratt.

Nick Barratt - author, broadcaster, historian and genealogist - is best known for his work on the "Who Do You Think You Are?" series. Renowned throughout the genealogy industry, Nick is always looking for new ways to engage the community and his new Show provides free and open advice, interviews and interesting news stories.

The first two episodes of the Show are available free of charge at www.familyhistoryshow.net where you will see Nick discuss - with Laura Berry, editor at Your Family History Magazine - the latest happenings in the UK genealogy community, including record releases, helpful genealogy courses, new online resources and more. Continue reading "Nick Barratt’s Family History Show Launches" »

7    Dec 20112 comments

Santa Claus: How does he do it?

Ever wonder how Santa Claus (or Kris Kringle or St. Nicholas) manages to deliver all those gifts to children around the world in just one night?

Well, a new science and technology research study from North Carolina State University provides some hints.

Mechanical and aerospace engineering professor Dr. Larry Silverberg explains the principles that allow that red-suited white-bearded fellow to manage this amazing feat every year.

Where did Silverberg learn these secrets?

He was team leader on the first-of-its kind visiting scholars program at Santa’s Workshop/North Pole Labs (NPL) last year:

Children shouldn’t put too much credence in the opinions of those who say it’s not possible to deliver presents all over the world in one night,” Silverberg says.

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Keyboard Shortcuts: Improve how you work with documents

In a recent interview, Google anthropologist Dan Russell, who spends time with random people studying how they search for things, said 90 percent of people don't know how to use CTRL/Command + F to find a word in a document or web page.

For those who are familiar with computer shortcuts, that statistic - that so many people might not know a very basic way to speed up searching within documents - is astounding. Genealogists and family historians spend so much time working with documents.

Russell is the expert, however, so we’ll take his word for it.

With that in mind, below are some very useful shortcuts that may help you in searching and using information within and between documents.

This will be even more useful with the new addition of billions of records now part of the MyHeritage family as a result of our recent FamilyLink and WorldVitalRecords acquisitions.

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5    Dec 20115 comments

Our Elders: Legacy of wisdom

"When an elder dies, it is as if a library has burned down," is an African proverb.

What a shame to lose all that collected knowledge, life experience and wisdom.

The most valuable gift this season, according to the Legacy Project, may be your family elders who have a lot to say and want to talk.

Are you ready to listen?

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