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MyHeritage celebrates our new mobile app! (bonus video inside)

At the MyHeritage headquarters yesterday, we celebrated the release of our new app for iPad, iPhone and Android. Read the news in full here.

MyHeritage mobile team: Raz, Roni, Dov, Addy, Oren, Omer, Danielle, Nimrod and Yehuda.

It was an important day for all of us, the big moment had finally arrived. The day ended with a big celebration, including a special cake!

Continuing the celebration, we decided to record an informal video in our office showing the apps in action. The narrator is a member of the development team. Although not exactly a Hollywood production, the video shows how cool, fun and easy the apps are to use.

Let the fun begin! Download our new app for free from the App Store or Android Market.

Think about how easy it will be to share your family history at this year's holiday celebrations!

We hope you'll enjoy the app. We're also looking forward to your feedback. You can leave feedback below or on our Facebook page or Twitter account.

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  1. Looking good, MyHeritage!
  2. I installed on my Google Nexus S, it seems like your good woork.
    I am currently missing two things. 1. Movement in tree view is not as smoth as I would suppose on this kind of hardware (how it works on even slower mobiles?) 2. I don't see any way how to display my family tree offline, without internet connectivity. This could be very helpfull when you want to use this app during your visit of archives etc, where mobile connectivity can be time to time problematic. But anyway, good work. I was looking for this app in my mobile.
  3. Hi Otakar. Family tree smoothness on Android varies on different devices. Offline usage of the app is on our future roadmap (stay tuned for updates).
  4. What I've been waiting for for ages. I installed it on my iPod touch and it's a great app. Only problem is can't seem to edit the tree. Is this coming in a later update?
  5. Hi Joe. We're already working hard on additional features, including editing of the family tree which version 1.0 doesn't provide yet, so stay tuned for updates.
  6. Was so excited about this. I downloaded it and for some unknown reason it keeps telling me my password or email is wrong, even though it isn't. Don't know what to do.
  7. Hi Elisabeth

    we checked your account and the email address you wrote from is the email address you should use in Family Tree Builder to register the program. In order to check which email address the program is currently registered with and if necessary change the login, open the program and go to Publishing > My Sites. Use "Log in as a different member" to enter the correct email and password.

    If you need a new password, go to MyHeritage.com, make sure you're not logged in (in the upper right hand corner you will see "Welcome, Guest" if you're not logged in and "Welcome, your name" if you are. The log out link is up there too if needed.) and then click on the Forgot Password link to get a new password sent to you by email.

    It's great to hear you are excited about the new version! Let me know you were able to successfully register the program.

    For more information or any question, emails us to support@myheritage.com
  8. I really like the fact that you have an app for MY HERITAGE. I've tried to use it. I think you need to further develop it. I can't make any changes, additions, corrections or updates to My Online Family Tree currently within the Mobile App.

    In order for this App to Be really useful to Me as One of the Family Historians is the ability to add, delete, and update things while on the road using this app.

    That mobility is very helpful if you don't have your computer with you at work, on the road, or other places you may not want to lug around a computer.

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