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Festival of abundance

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  1. Thanks for the Thanks giving greeting although here in Australia we dont as yet celebrate it we realise its a very important celebratation in the US so my family and I wish you all the very best at this special time :)
  2. Very Beautiful. That was a very nice thing for Laraine Smith of Australia to wish for us here in the US.
  3. My maternal gehdnmotarr was Harriet B OGara. She had two brothers John OGara and Rodger OGara. Rodger had moved to the United States and lived in Rhode Island. The family moved to the United States about, 1921. Harriet attended nursing school and, was a nurse. I believe she worked at, Manhatten Hospital. She married Harold James Carpenter, ( nick name Bill)( from Williamsport PA.) had three children. Maternal grandfather worked as a chauffer. They resided in Brooklyn N.Y. ,Harriet OGara Carpenter passed away at age 29 yrs., from pnuemonia. My Mother,( their daughter) and her siblings were left with relatives, in Williamsport PA. with the last name of Fuller. They grew up with a wonderful foster family, by the name of Charles & Della Phillips, from Montgomery PA. My mother (Beverly B. Carpenter Snyder) passed away this year on May 10th 2011. There is one brother still living Harold James Carpenter, of Montgomery PA.. I am one of 6 children that my father (Lee E. Snyder) and my mother( Beverly B. Carpenter Snyder) gave a wonderful life to.

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