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One Word: Describe family history

Calling all word lovers - or those who love their thesaurus (or is that thesauri?).

Somebody once said that using five words - when one will suffice - is the mark of a verbose character. There is an inherent difficulty in selecting one word to reflect a range of emotions and, as I'm sure you'll know, genealogy elicits many such emotions.

In that vein: What's one word that tells the MyHeritage team how you feel about family history or genealogy?

Describe the emotion - in one word - for when you discover an elusive new fact about an ancestor.

What's the word for how you feel when you've made a great new find or you've broken through one of those proverbial brick walls?

What's your word for how you feel about searching for your ancestors?

Give us one word which epitomises the search for your family history.

Give us those words in the comments below, or on Twitter using the hash tag #MyHeritageOneWord Twitter (it's hard to use up 140 characters with just one word!), or Facebook.

We're waiting for your words!

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. Illuminating
  2. My one word is uplifting.
  3. geneagasmic

    But I would use different words for your four questions.

    did you wnat one or ofur?
  4. um, did you want one or four words?

    There, I slowed dowm so my figners speled it korectly.
  5. Humbling ~
  6. Exhilarating
  7. Emotional
  8. Frusteducatemendous
  9. mesmerizing
  10. addictive
  11. endless
  12. treasure
  13. happydance
  14. intoxicating
  15. enticing
  16. addictive
  17. Exciting
  18. Linking
  19. fulfilling
  20. & addictive
  21. Connected
  22. Educational
  23. illuminating
  24. Elated!!!!!
  25. Enthralling!!!
  26. no one word can describe what you ask.
    There is something in this world so beautiful that your eyes can not see it
    You can only feel it in your heart
  27. Addictive!
  28. Understanding.
  29. One One was a Race Horse,
    One Two was One Too,
    One One won one &
    One Two won one too!!
  30. Exhausting
  31. anonymous
  32. unknown
  33. Fantastic!

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