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Did you know?: MyHeritage recipes

MyHeritage.com offers some features that are sometimes missed by researchers. One of these is delicious and adds a yummy extra dimension to sharing information with your family.

Food is synonymous with family life. Traditional and ethnic family recipes are often at the top of lists demonstrating what is passed down through the generations, according to research.*

While we diligently trawl through genealogical databases to grow our family trees, there are other important details to add to what researchers term "adding flesh to the bones." In our experience, recording family food traditions, favorite recipes (and who they come from) and holiday menus fit neatly into this category.

Today, we spotlight the MyHeritage Recipe Page.

However, before you can add your favorite family recipes to your family site - and share them with your relatives - you must enable the feature. Go to Settings ->Content and enable the Recipes page. Now you can access your virtual recipe book by navigating to Activities.

Click on "add recipe" and choose from 20 categories, provide information on number of servings, prep time and upload a photo of the finished dish.

There is plenty of room to detail the heritage of a dish. If you work collaboratively with family on your family site, you can share the recipes with everyone.

Here is an example of a recipe from one of our users:

*"Remembrance of repasts: An anthropology of food and memory," by David Evan Sutton

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  1. Hi there Hilda,This is Bessie, Georgina's daughter. Don't know if you remmeber me but hope all is well over there in Paradise. I'm just enquiring about The Genealogy Book for the Betham Reunion. We really want to buy one. We heard you are selling it somewhere here in New Zealand.Hope to hear from you soon. Take care.Bessie.

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