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Best gift for the holidays: Family history

Thinking about a good gift for that special family member? Don’t wait too long as the holidays are just around the corner.

December is a month of wonderful worldwide holidays. Christians celebrate Christmas (December 25), Jews celebrate Chanukah (December 21), and there is also the African-American festival of Kwanzaa (December 26).

Although there are many gift options out there, family history can be an unforgettable present.

At MyHeritage, you can create – for free - your own family tree design and then order a professional print delivered directly to your home or  to a relative anywhere on the globe. Surprise them! To learn more about this service, click here

Click on the image to view full size.

And for the younger generations – our little ones – we have a great gift that will help them know and remember their ancestors. Our family game shows picture of their ancestors and provide facts about them. It can be played in various ways, as the children match up the photos.

Order these great gifts now  from the comfort of home and beat the rush. You won’t have to go out in the snow and cold or heat ( if you are in the southern hemisphere)  to find this perfect gift. You won’t have to stand in long lines at the post office to mail this gift. Order online with the information you already have in your family tree! Order  now to ensure your gift will arrive for Christmas!

No matter what holiday you or your relatives celebrate, family history is the perfect gift.

MyHeritage also likes to give holiday gifts: Answer one of the questions below by commenting on this post and you could win a $20 USD discount coupon to be applied to your print chart order. Winners of the discount coupons will be chosen randomly- through December 1.

  • What was your most enjoyable family holiday gathering? Why was it so special?
  • What would your fairytale family holiday be like?

We are looking forward to reading your comments!

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  1. Awesome Christmas with my husband, of 35 years and our adult sons, ages 27 and 21, last year. We flew to Chicago, a place none of us knew. We wanted to explore together and be away from all distractions of our busy lives. My husband and I made a Christmad tree of newspapers on a small table in our hotel room and placed gifts around the base of the table. I also wrote a letter to each of them about how they were a gift to me in my life. We invited our sons to join us from their adjoining room in the morning.
    Gifts were given, letters read. Silence for some time. They cried. I wept thinking I had somehow made the occasion too intense. They took turns hugging me. No words. Not our typical jocular festivities. There was more quiet when we walked around the city, visited historic places. On this special holiday we all learned about embracing the silence and receiving the love of one another as the greatest gift of all.

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