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Poll: Preserving Family Documents

As an introduction to an article we will be publishing about storing and archiving documents on a budget; we thought we would ask the MyHeritage community about the lengths they go to in securing their own pieces of history.

Please let us know by voting below, or leaving a comment.

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  1. i am looking for relatives to my mother mary i. dunn,phillips,withrow/grandmother,mary jane ,jackson,dunn,kennady or grand father joesph dunn,sr.
  2. Working to digitize those I have. However, the question does remain: what to do with those originals? There are some I would hate to destroy--such as a mission log my father hand wrote when flying bombing missions in WW2 and a few precious photos!
  3. dona i am with you and aggree with you bob
  4. Donna, I'm also struggling with the issue of what to do with the originals. I started putting them in zip loc bags and storing in plastic tubs...if there is any moisture, pictures can be damaged in the bags...even though the tubs protect them from moisture. I think I've settled on placing them in my steel file cabinet, which will protect from fire, but not water. When I'm sure the documents and pictures are completely dry... seal them in zip locs in the steel cabinet. Anyone think of problems that might create?
  5. I have inherited a VAST amount of "stuff" going back to the 1750s. Thankfully, the County Archives have agreed to take it all. Meanwhile... I am TRYING to scan what I can, AND OCR / transcribe what I can. and THEN post it. It's the tape recordings and particularly the 16mm films of Central Africa in the 1930s that are the big worry, for they won't take those.

    My uncle was a WWII bomber pilot. I discovered his flying log book on eBay AFTER it had been sold !
  6. I have a VAST amount of "stuff", going back to the 1750s. Thankfully, the County History Archive has agreed to take it all. Meanwhile... I'm scanning it and OCRing / transcribing as much and as fast as I can.

    My uncle was a WWII bomber pilot. I discovered his flying log-book on eBay AFTER it was sold !
  7. Donna, one answer....Safety box or fireproof safe at home for those extra special pictures and documents. It's worth the expense for the irreplaceables, and bank safety boxes are climate controlled. Your valuables last longer.
  8. I agree with you Nizzy. All of my important documents or pictures that I would never want to lose are in a fireproof safe. It's certainly worth the expense if you have items you absolutely do not want to lose or ruin. And of course you can use it for anything else you may want to keep locked up and safe.
  9. My father was in thr navy one hich before ww11 then the army for 30 years. my uncle george S. dun was in action from france where he was lost jn action then found and he went on to Germany he saw the death camps the nazies had he recieved the purple hart and medel of houner. my goes back to the revilotionary war on my grand mothers s side her name was Mary Jane Jackson,dunn.kenndey
  10. i honer all whom served and gave the ultimnent price to keep our Country free! I am a veteran my self durinf the early part of the veitnum war some of my school freinds lost there lives at veitnum
  11. Donna is my sisters name onley i t is speeled Dona M. phillips,hough
  12. any one related my relitives i whoud like get in touch the name are,Dunn in iowa,Jacson inMo.,Kifer in Oakland,Calf.
  13. i am trying to get in touch with anybody related to me in Oakland Cal.(Kifer) Dunn,Iowa,-Jody Greenwood ,Texas thank you

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