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Remembering Your First Day at School

So, now that most kids are back at school and are getting into the swing of things again, it’s easy to forget just how daunting that time can be for some of us.

For those of us who remember the first few days at school, it is mostly a sensory nightmare, an all-consuming environment that couldn’t even be navigated with a map. You’ve been thrown in at the deep end with only a pencil case and book bag for company.

I remember my very first day at Secondary school, we were made to line-up along a very dark corridor and then shake hands with the headmistress- fairly nerve-wracking when you’ve just found out that she used to be in the female England rugby team. She was a force to be reckoned with and had a killer handshake.

Well, that’s what I thought at the time. Now, when I see the ex-headmistress in question at my local supermarket buying wholemeal bread, she doesn’t bother me so much!

Do you have a particularly memorable story or picture about your formative time at school? Do you still cower in fear when you hear the name "Mrs Davidson"? If so, then you can share it with us on our Twitter and Facebook accounts, or in the comments below.

*Image: Lois Lowry, 2009

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  1. I remember my first day of school. I went to a one room school in Moorse Mills , New York.
    It was heated with a stove in the back of the room. There where 6 or 7 grades in it. It started with first grade then. We had one teacher for all the grades. We did have a art, and music. Don't remember gym.
    I do remember a Christmas program where we all had to memorize something.
    I remember that year we had a May Pole in the spring.
    I only went one year to that school we moved the beginning of the following school year.
    The school was open for quite a few years after we moved. The last time I was in the area they had torn it down.
  2. From the very first day I started elementary school in Rock Hall, MD. I loved it. Despite the fact that the teacher thought I was mentally slow and put me in the lowest level reading group when I knew she was wrong! By the time I was in the 3rd grade my test scores proved that I was at least two years ahead of my age in reading. This teacher could have ruined my life if I had not had a strong family support system. Watch out for evil witches, kids!
  3. On my first day at 4 years old I was very proud of my new hanky that mum had pinned to my top.I accidentaly spilt some of my milk and the teacher told me to use my new hanky to wipe it up and I refused.She then hit me across my face with a dish cloth.Beware teachers named Rushden.Mum had an interesting visit!! and I did not return until I was five and a half.
  4. I can't remember much of my first day in school but what I cannot forget is one headmistress that when we are late or absent in coming to school or have our grades signed by our parents to see her and have her sign as well. We were all nervous seeing her since she was so strict, gives you a wink if you seem to be in trouble.

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