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MyHeritage.com: Now in Afrikaans!

Afrikaans is spoken in South Africa and Namibia

That’s correct, yet another language has been added to MyHeritage.com! From today, your family site can now be displayed in 38 languages thanks to the addition of Afrikaans.

This follows the recent introduction of Latvian to our language options, which was very well received by our Latvian community.

There are some 20 million Afrikaans speakers and we are pleased to provide MyHeritage.com and Family Tree Builder software to that large community.

Afrikaans is spoken primarily in South Africa and Namibia and has a considerable Dutch influence. The language was brought to the Cape by Protestant settlers in the 17th century and has had sustained popularity since. Afrikaans can also be used as an adjective; relating to the Afrikaner people and their culture.

We hope that you and your family will find this new language useful.

The addition of Afrikaans to our languages was made possible by a large group of dedicated volunteer translators. It could not have been accomplished without their assistance.  Many thanks to:

Gerry Van Eeden, Jan de Bruin, Adele Nortje, Francois Beyers, Mārcis Beržinskis, Lita Stauvere, Andris Junga, Antris Dvorovs, Vilnis Rasiņš, Mārtiņš Tuters, Hennie van der Merwe, Diderick Daffue, Piet Olivier, Danieka Roesch, Piet Olivier, Diderick Daffue, Hendrik van der Merwe and Jan Lourens.

We will continue to introduce new languages and to keep our translations up-to-date in additional areas such as the FAQ, Family Tree Builder User Guide, FamilyConnect app and elsewhere.

If you would like to help MyHeritage keep our translations updated, or if your language is not yet among those we offer, we’d love to hear from you.
Email us: translate [at] myheritage [dot] com.

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  1. I love the fact that the site is available in many languages
  2. Hi I'm just nosing about when I spotted your connection and I thought why not say hi and interduce my self.
    My name is Richard and I reside in the North Island of New Zealand,on the rough and windy West Coast.
    My Scottish family came to N.Z. as pioneers way back in 1841 on the ship named the Brilliant.
    The Lawlors were their name
    They lived and died their full lives in Thames,South East of where they landed in Cornwallis Auckland N.Z.
    They had 8 issues,my great grand mother was called Elizabeth Foulis Lawlor the 2nd born daughter,but a first generation Kiwi.
    The next born was called Henry Charles Thomas (Charlie) Lawlor.
    Born at Cornwallis 30 August 1849 N.Z.
    Charlie Lawlor had moved to South Africa,where he was managing the Jumpers'Gold Mining Company in Doornfontein,near Johannesburg.
    1890 Johannesburg was a recently established town then.
    His next venture were in two Diamond Mines,one in the Orange Free State the other in the Transvaal
    During 1898,Charlie met a young Afrikaans women named Anna Benade.
    In 1899 she gave birth to their son named James Thomas Lawlor.
    Anna contracted scarlet fever.She died in February 1908.
    The information given came from a Lawlor decedent who sadly passed on 3 years ago in Wellington N.Z.
    Thanks to Louise Buckingham and her treasure book named the 3 Worlds of Ann & Henry Lawlor I would have not learnt of our connection on the other side of the world in Johannesburg.
    Margaret Lawrie I hope you see this.
    2008 is a good while between letters ah.
    I write this in the hope that any of my Great Grand Uncles issues my see this and make contact though this web page.
    Thanking you Richard.
  3. i would like to draw up my family tree.

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