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MyHeritage at the Swedish Genealogy Fair 2011

Sara - Scandinavian Community Manager

Sara, our Scandinavian Community Manager, recently returned from a very successful Swedish genealogy conference in Norrköping and we’d like to share her experience with you...

Among meeting with many big names in Swedish genealogical circles, Sara met with Thomas Furth, Chairman of the Jewish Genealogy Society of Sweden and exchanged many ideas. She also met with Jojje Lintrup, genealogist at the Swedish Genealogical Association.

The Association is currently working on a very interesting project called Genealogy of immigrants, which works to (among other initiatives) get Swedes with foreign roots involved in their ancestry so they can pass the knowledge down. Jojje is both an experienced and knowledgeable genealogist and works as a project manager for the Swedish Federation of Genealogy Wiki Roots.

Sara was joined by Laurence Harris, genealogy advisor to MyHeritage and all-round superstar genealogist of Who Do You Think You Are? fame.With over 4100 visitors to the fair in Norrköping , both Sara and Laurence were kept busy with giving demonstrations of MyHeritage products and meeting with as many people as possible. The rough translation of this year’s theme was 'Norrköping- the cradle of industrialization in Sweden' and rather aptly the venue (Louis De Geer Concert and Congress hall), was once a burgeoning paper mill. Sara and Laurence managed to give away all 1000 of the Family Tree Builder CDs they had taken to the conference.

They said they could have shifted rather more than that though!

Sven-Erik Stjernman, Ulrika Lundin and Kenth Augustsson, who all helped to translate the MyHeritage site for Sweden were given free admission to the fair as a thank you for their hard work.

Remember, MyHeritage is available in 38 languages from Latvian to Korean to Arabic. MyHeritage is truly global.

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  1. I and my wife are natives of Ireland (Norther Ireland) and have worked with My Heritage, building a family of over 1,000 names, since 2008.
    The Geneology of Immigrants project sounds interesting...am interested to hear more on this!

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