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Poll: How Do You Backup Your Family Tree?

This week's poll is about how we protect the precious data in our family trees. Let us know how you go about backing up your data - that is, of course, if you have an approach!

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  1. I back up all my documents to an external hard drive every week however no category in you poll for me so I voted for GEDCOM stored locally but I DO back up regularly.
  2. My entire hard disk is backed up to an external hard drive, my genealogy database is backed up separately onto a USB stick that I carry with me. Lastly I burn my genealogy database onto a DVD which is then mailed to my brother's house.

    So, I have one 'on site' backup, my external hard drive, one 'transportable' backup, my USB stick, and one 'offsite' backup, a DVD at my brother's house.
  3. I use both. I use an online automatic back up, via Myheritage plus I back up to a remote harddrive.

    This is way too valuable an undertaking not to take a few moments to back it up!
  4. Thanks for the reminder! I would go and do a GEDCOM download now but I bet the site is busy with all those members who are thinking the same thing. So, I'll leave until tomorrow and put it on the to do list.
  5. i sincerely hope that YOU backup all what is in myheritage.com! please tell us clearly if this is not the case!
  6. Just written a blog post on the exact subject of keeping genealogy data safe:

  7. I backup to an external hard drive plus a usb,it's all printed and stored at home as well as been sent by email to my Australian reations so it should be safe.
  8. I trust you guys to back it up for me..I tried a flash drive but somehow it would not take.
  9. I would nt no wat to do i avent a clue wat back up is all about and how to do it im no good at computers at all except how to use keyboard but i have done my family tree
  10. I back up to an external hard drive plus print out. Also have back up on cd held by my sister.
  11. Dropbox keeps a copy of all my research including FH photo's; it also syncs the data between my desktop pc and laptop. In addition I keep a copy on my NAS (dual disk RAID device). Belt and bracers for me, my info is too valuable to lose, over 15 years of hard work.
  12. Používám automatické on-line zálohování pomocí MyHeritage a zálohovat na vzdálený pevný disk.

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