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Links We Like: Humor, a survey and a TV show

It's time for another edition of Links We Like.

This week, we have humor and history, a Canadian genealogy survey (but open to all) and a new UK family history show which will bring together Brits and Anglo-Indian relatives.

Humor and history

For a light-hearted look at history as it may have been written, check out this new, slightly irreverant genealogy blog - Today in Heritage History.

Do you want to learn about the constantly-changing scene in geneablogging?  If so, the best place is Geneabloggers.com, where genealogy social media guru Thomas MacEntee provides all sorts of useful, practical and amusing material.

A weekly feature is his Saturday roundup of newly-discovered genealogy blogs; this week there were 24, including the one mentioned above. He has also categorized some  1,900 geneablogs by subject matter.

A Canadian genealogy survey

Surveys about genealogy and family history are important as answers provide researchers with helpful data. The Canadian Genealogy Survey is a new one that may be of interest.

You don't need to be a Canadian citizen or resident to participate in the survey here:

Current estimates suggest that between 20% and 25% of Canadians actively pursue genealogy/family history projects. This survey seeks to understand this surge of interest and secure accurate information concerning the resources engaged with by family historians/genealogists.

Responses are welcome from those living everywhere.  The results will be announced publicly once data is collected. Learn more about the results - and future surveys - at the Genealogy In Canada blog. And here's an article with more information on the project.

Reconnecting families on television

And then there's a new UK television show (to be shown on Channel 4 in 2012) with a family history twist on historic Anglo-Indian ties.

Guess the Relative's premise is interesting. Three people from different countries who think they have British ancestors will stay for a week with a British family - one of them will be related to that family. At the end of a week of getting to know each other through various activities, the family has to guess the real relative.

According to the producer, there should be many people in India with British ancestors. The show is not looking for those who have already traced their families; experts will do it for them and identify the British families.

Applications have been invited from more than 40 countries selected for links with Britain, as well as the quality of genealogical records.

Read more about the show and the history at Tangled Roots.

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. Hey My Heritage Blog... Thank you soooooooo much for the link, and your mention. I REALLY appreciate your kind words. I believe that we genealogy people who often wander through cemeteries, scour obituaries, and sit for hours in record rooms, often times need something to laugh at. I Hope you and your readers will continue to enjoy our (sometime) irreverent look at heritage and history. Our Best to You and Your Readers.
    P.S. We Have Put You on Our Blog As One We Follow. Thank you again!
    Peter Kevin Connell @ Today in Heritage History

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