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Families and Summer: Then and Now

Although the summer is now coming to an abrupt end, it’s nice to reminisce about summers spent with our families throughout the years. We all have fond memories, but those that tend to evoke the most vivid recollection are usually set in summer. And this should come as no surprise really, given that even a glimmer of sunshine is excuse enough to don sunglasses, flip-flops and shorts - we’re mad about the summer and even more determined when it comes to the summer holidays with the family.

For example, I remember being pushed around the back garden of my family home in what could only be described as a mini plastic police car. My sister, then eight and myself five years old, insisted that whilst the family barbecue was heating up we would explore the garden in the searing summer heat. That very day was my initiation into the wonderful world of sunburn.

Such memories needn’t be elaborate. In fact, I would venture that the more basic memories can end up being treasured just as much as expensive family holidays and outings. Family videos (if you’re lucky enough to have some) often provide excellent glimpses into past summer experiences with your family. Look closely and you’ll see the difference in family dynamics between then and today, even in seemingly mundane clips like a child’s birthday party. Seeing how our family ‘used’ to function can often place things into perspective and help us reassess our current lifestyle.

In essence, family activities during summer are definitely ‘then and now’ concepts. Today, it’s almost acceptable to have a family reunion in front of a computer or be more preoccupied with your mobile email whilst visiting a distant relative. Personally, I like the idea of a purist family summer with stories, good food and just the company of my relatives. It’s a formula that has worked for many summers, and will continue to work for many to come.

How have your family summers changed over the years? Do you have a traditional family summer activity or is yours more ad hoc? Let us know about your summer family stories by posting them along with photos on our Twitter (using the hash tag #summerisforfamily) and Facebook accounts.

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