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The new MyHeritage UK Community Manager

Since our previous UK Community Manager, Robert, has now flown from the MyHeritage nest, now is probably an excellent time to introduce our new, shiny and eager UK Community Manager, James.

So, I’m James your new UK Community Manager, I am based in London and I’m here to keep you up-to-date with everything happening at MyHeritage.com and to make sure that you feel at home, always.

 I like to think of this blog as your opportunity to interact with us, so if you have any comments, a great family story or would just like to say hello then you can do so in the comments or on our twitter page (@myheritage) or even at facebook.com/myheritage.

I have spent most of the last few years working in Journalism and Marketing, but I also consider myself to be an amateur genealogist. I started researching my family history around 7 years ago using some (very) basic methods. Recently I placed my tree on MyHeritage.com and it quickly grew to 640 people from 400 using Smart Matches™. The next logical step was, of course, to join the team.

We all have some strange twists in our family history, some that can be explained and others that are simply baffling, so if you think your story is particularly interesting, we'd love to hear from you. In the meantime, let me share one of my stories with you… If it wasn't for an abrupt name change that happened three generations ago I would have been a Mr James Dagg. Now, this wouldn’t normally be that interesting however, the reasons for the change have always been completely secret. In fact, the last remaining ‘keeper’ of this information died 3 years ago and with that he took the dark Dagg family secret to the grave. Perhaps it was for the best, either way, I'm never going to find out!

Family Photo (2000) - can you spot James?

Family history then isn’t just about making sure the correct people are linked up on a chart, it’s about stories (I hope you liked mine), sharing information with family members and the preservation of memories. We are in a unique technical age where all of this is a reality and where better to live out these memories than at the most advanced and popular family networking site in the world, MyHeritage.com.

We always like to hear comments and recommendations for our blog, afterall, it was created for you and we want to make sure that it's a great online experience.

Feel free to contact me at james@myheritage.com

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  1. Glad to meet you James. Can you tell me how I can research my great, great Grandfather and his wife in the UK?


  2. Hi,
    I have a technical question:
    all the familynames I put in on Family Tree Builder are not visible on my homepage on My Heritage, only the first 3 generations. Am I doing something wrong, or have I just not found the right button to push?
    Yours kindly Helle Noergaard, Denmark
  3. i am just starting to trace my father's family. I am not sure how to go about it. He was born in Salford. He had brothers Alfred, Arthur
    Amos one who died young. THere were two sisters Winnifred and Nellie. HIs name was Edgar Clifford Dawe. My father and his two sisters along with the one who died were brought up in Canada, the others somewhere in England. Any advice as to how to find the info I'm seeking would be appreciated.
  4. Hi James I am wishing you all the best as the new manager. Please permit me to say this about your family history: I wouldn't rest until I would've discovered the reason why the family name was changed 3 generations ago. I mean ..... come on, that is part of the fun in searching for family roots, isn't it? Seems so impossible to me that something that happened just 3 generations ago cannot be found somewhere in some official documents. People find out much older so-called 'family secrets' very often and as you said: "Family history then isn’t just about making sure the correct people are linked up on a chart, it’s about stories ....." But than again, maybe it is just me, being so curious about such things huh?
  5. Welcome to the club James.
  6. Welcome James. I have actual death notices of my grandfather's son, John Frost, which don't co-incide with other things that have been found i.e. a Coroner's report. How do I find out , positively, birth/death dates. Thanks
  7. Sorry James, John Frost was my great grandfather whose dates don't gel along the way Thanks
  8. Welcome James, Please tell me how to stop the slide show that comes onto my screen every time I am on standby mode. I didnt request it and would like to stop it.
    Many thanks
  9. Hi-
    I was working in the Mckellar site but I was locked out as I had downloaded the the new tree and only the first 3 names remain I've lost four generations on each side. What did I do wrong? I hate to start over and then lose data again, and would prefer to find all of my work yesterday. Thank you
  10. Hi Myrtalie,

    Someone from MyHeritage support will be contacting you directly to remedy the problem.


  11. Hi Sybil,

    Someone from MyHeritage support will be contacting you directly to remedy the problem.


  12. Hi Helle,

    Someone from MyHeritage support will be contacting you directly to remedy the problem.



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