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MyHeritage at Symposium of History of Paraíba Valley, São Paulo, Brazil

This is a rough translation of 'MyHeritage no XXV Simpósio de História do Vale do Paraíba' written and attended by our Brazilian country manager, Walter.

We recently attended the XXV Symposium on the History of Paraíba Valley, São Paulo, Brazil.

The focus of the conference was the importance of archives for research and teaching from a twenty-first century perspective. Topics included genealogy, technology and research in the area of communications in the Valley of Paraíba, the eastern part of the state of São Paulo, located between Rio De Janeiro and São Paulo.

Organizing Team - XXV Simpósio de História do Vale do Paraíba

The Valley of Paraíba is vast, encompassing 131 cities, a population of over 3.3 million inhabitants and a wealth of history and people dedicated to its preservation. Museums in the region have become the main concern of the creators of the symposium, which seeks to find solutions and academic collaborations. MyHeritage supports this important initiative to preserve Paraíba's history. Many of its users in Brazil have a great need and interest for this historical information.

Walter at the MyHeritage Stand

MyHeritage Presentation on Genealogy and Technology

The attendance at the event was great, and we congratulate the organizers and the many esteemed presenters. At the MyHeritage stand, we were happy to welcome many visitors and share with them our exciting family history website and software for researching, building and showcasing family trees.

MyHeritage was honored to be invited to speak on the subject of Genealogy and Technology at the Opening Ceremony and to show how MyHeritage's website, MyHeritage.com and software, Family Tree Builder is used to research, build and showcase family trees and to preserve special family memories. In the final days of the XXV Symposium of History, we had an interactive display that allowed attendees an opportunity to try Family Tree Builder.

And now we leave you with a few photos from the event. Enjoy, and as they say in Brazil -- Bom Dia!

The Conference Organizers

MyHeritage Presentation on Genealogy and Technology

MyHeritage Presentation on Genealogy and Technology

Did you know? MyHeritage.com is available in 36 different languages including Portuguese. Visit the MyHeritage Facebook page in Portuguese here. And read the MyHeritage Portuguese blog here.

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  1. I am SO jealous! I love Brasil with all my heart! I was blessed to visit the Jequitinhonha Valley and see many of the places that my Italian ancestors came to work in the mines! Great to see you so active in Brasil!


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