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Interview with Benicio Sánchez, Genealogist and President of Genealogy of Mexico

This is a rough translation of Entrevista a Benicio Sánchez, Genealogista y Presidente de Genealogía de México written by our Latin American country manager, Javier.

This Friday we have a treat for you -- a special interview with Benicio Sanchez, genealogist and President of Genealogy of Mexico, an organization that studies the family history of not only the Aztec country but also many other places around the world.

My name is Benicio Samuel Sanchez Garcia, genealogist and family historian and the first Molecular Genealogist of Mexico. I was born in Torreon, Mexico in 1963. I am married with two children.

I'm President of The Genealogy of Mexico, which manages two major genealogical sites in Mexico:

- www.Genealogia.org.mx

- www.GenealogiaMolecular.com (in development)

I have worked for most of the State Archives and have contributed to more than one hundred articles and publications, for both national and international institutions.

How did your interest in genealogy start?

You never know you are ill until the infection is already manifesting itself significantly. That's what happened in my case. I read the family bible, in which I found the first dates of my family; later my maternal grandmother, Maria Espino del Castillo Epitacia showed me her photo archive and before I knew it, I was designated to preserve and research our family's genealogy.

Now, like all genealogists: it's a way of life.

What do you like most about genealogy?

The excitement of locating a record, a name, and piecing together the records of my ancestors' lives, this saying sums it up:

Make Your Family Tree ... The Most Beautiful Tree of Creation

"Through family history we discover the most beautiful tree of creation: our family tree. Its numerous roots go back to history and its branches extend throughout eternity. Family history is the expression of eternal love, born of self-denial and giving us the opportunity to secure a family unit forever."
(Elder J. Richard Clarke, Liahona July 1989 page 69)

The Sánchez Family

How did your organization start?

We started professionally in 1990. We have had many websites as we've developed as an organization. The need is to provide a professional service that meets the high demand for documents and procedures; this need has led us to excel and innovate constantly.

Is genealogy popular in Mexico?

Genealogy has always been part of Mexico. Even before the conquest, some families kept detailed records of their ancestors and descendants. 
You can not conceive of the love of humanity without its origin. Humanity is common ancestors that gradually reveal a truth we already know and now we can see: we all share the same origin.

Would you share with us a story or experience as a genealogist?

Never be discouraged. When I was about to give up and abandon a family line, someone helped me. I'm not sure how but suddenly we found a name as if it had been placed in my hands, which led to an important record, changing my sadness and giving me a renewed enthusiasm.

Our ancestors are not really dead, "they are alive and well" están vivitos y coleando as we say in Mexico. There will always be a way to find them and every day that passes will be easier. When you have opportunity to travel, do visit the places where your family lived, look around, sit and think about them.

Make your genealogy research not only at the desk, but in the field. See genealogy not as a database, but as a family.

Family Document

What is the most interesting thing  you discovered about your family?

I learned that my family has always been willing to work to bring up the family honestly. They had been selling their properties to pay for burials, clothing and debts. All of this I have seen in the documents.

What advice would you give to those wanting to start their own family history research?

Make a plan, and take notes for each ancestor separately. But first, look to see if anyone has already done some research on your family.

Seek out the elderly, their ancestors and records. Gather all the information you can find.

What about the tools and applications on MyHeritage.es?

Having an online family tree allows many people in your family to contribute something. Using the Internet is worthwhile.

What do you think is the future of genealogy?

Genealogy is the main theme of the future. Hopefully inhumanity will cease when we discover we are all brothers; surely our family tree is .... The Most Beautiful Tree of Creation."

Many thanks to Benicio for the motivational interview, and as usual we hope this story inspires you to trace your family history.

Researching your Latin American family history? Visit MyHeritage.es to research and build your family tree, share photos and more (for free!).

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  1. I am researching my husband's paternal side of the family which is from Mexico. Unfortunately, neither of us speaks or reads Spanish. It would be helpful if there was an English version of the website for someone like me.
  2. Dear Nitza, you can open your family site and have it in any language you need and switch the language whenever you want. You can send an invitation to a relative in another country, when the person opens the site it shows in the language of the country where she/he is, for example if he/she is in Mexico it will show it in spanish and the information will remain the same as you entered. You can enter your family information and our Smart Matching technology compares your tree with millions around the world regardless of whether they are in other languages.
  3. How can I go back on my relatives. Both granfather and grandmother are from Spain. If I give their names and place of birth can you trace the rest of my ancestors?
    Dulce M Rosado Guaty
  4. Ania, I was referring to the Mexican Genalogical site that is mentioned in the interview. I use myheritage to communicate with family in Israel so I am aware and love the different languages available.
  5. Muchos Gracias for your blog post.Really looking forward to read more. Really Cool.

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