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Happy (belated) Aunt and Uncles Day

So it turns out yesterday, July 26th, was Aunt and Uncles Day.

Who knew?

While the origins of the day are difficult to ascertain the sentiment behind it is not.

Research shows us that Aunts and Uncles play a key role in the development of younger relatives but, to be honest, most of us don’t need research to tell us that.

As our parents’ brothers and/or sisters, Aunts and Uncles are those special people who often share many of the good traits of our parents without being constrained by the discipline of parenthood.

End Result? A funner version of our mum or dad!

Now that’s not always the case and I’m certain that most of us would never have contemplated giving up our parents for our Aunts and Uncles while growing up, no matter how many lollies or toys or fun day trips they treated us with.

But this doesn’t take away from the fact that Aunts and Uncles have played an incredibly important role in many of our lives and for that it's great that we can celebrate them.


Do you have a favourite Aunt or Uncle story?

If so, I'd love to hear about it in the comments, below.


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  1. I haven't been on the site for a while, but good to see this story on my return, thanks Kim!! Our family was blessed with wonderful aunts, who will always have a special place in our hearts. I've always felt a close bond with my nephews and nieces, particularly one who was my "practice" baby before my son was born, so it's lovely to think they may also think of me in this way :-)
  2. I have an awesome aunt (Ambulu) who is a great part of my life. She is a great artist, singer, an awesome cook and a synonym for energy. Having served the government career for more than 39 years, she has never really lived a retired life!

    She completed her master's degree in her 70s and she can draw engineering data flow diagrams to help me out, in her 70s. Age is just a number for my awesome aunt and she inspires me with a lot of will power, energy, never say die attitude and courage. She recently took up a flight travel for her first time ever now in her 80s.
  3. On this great day July 12th I remember my awesome maternal uncle P.B.Gopalachari whom we all niece and nephews call Gopmama! He was born simple, kind, truthful, helpful and a person of firm principles and a highly spiritual person. My childhood especially from age 15 to 25 a golden decade of my life was spent with this awesome uncle of mine! He loved me so much like a daughter, a doll and like apple of his eye! He was one person who fought for my rights and who would protect me from all the dangers of the world. I could sit and talk with my uncle on any topic like history, geography, science, philosophy,literature for hours. His knowledge in the field of literature, philosophy, religion, English, economics was impeccable and beyond comparison. He was a great source of strength to me and someone who though no more in this world is still guiding me! He could see the pulse of a person what is wrong or right and would offer helping hand always. There are very few in this world who can have the kindness of this man! My awesome uncle I love you so much and miss you forever....without you the world is harsher for me and there is none who can occupy your place in my heart! Love you...your loving niece Shrinithyaa G

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