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Why it’s a Good Time to be Irish Australian

It seems like now really is a good time to be Irish Australian especially if you’re keen to explore your Irish heritage.

For those unfamiliar with the term, “Irish Australians”, or Australians who claim to have Irish heritage, were the 3rd largest heritage group at the 2006 Australian census with almost 2 Million people, or just over 9% of the population, falling into the category. That’s quite a large chunk!

Now, the good thing about having Irish heritage is that even in normal times exploring your family history is easier than in most other cultures because of the excellent records that exist all over the world.

That having been said, now’s a pretty good time if you’re in Australia. Below are some reasons why:

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Attention! Combatting your military family history research…one user’s incredible story!

MyHeritage.com user Jack Pointer (click to enlarge)

 Whilst researching his family history, MyHeritage.com user John P (Jack) Poynter, uncovered some astonishing facts about his family’s military past. The military seems to be a recurring theme for Jack and his family. His American mother and English father fell in love whilst his father was training for the RAF in Jacksonville, Florida, during World War II. 

His mother later joined the Royal Women's Auxiliary Ambulance Corps and Jack himself became a data processor in the Corps in 1966. But the military gene went much further back. By researching his great-great-grandfather’s service in the Georgia Infantry ‘Twiggs Country Guards’ in the mid-1800s, Jack had set the wheels in motion for researching a whopping 525 family histories of other servicemen.

Read on to find out, in Jack’s own words, how he discovered he’s related to more than a quarter of the American Civil War servicemen in Twiggs County, Georgia. 

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MyHeritage.com Named as One of the Best Family History Websites

Family Tree Magazine has just announced its Best Websites for 2011, and MyHeritage.com is proud to be among them.

The annual awards give credit to the best resources on the web for family historians and genealogists. Family Tree Magazine highlighted MyHeritage.com’s usefulness for storing and sharing information, and also said that:

"Recently updated with cool charting tools and an upgraded SmartMatching system, this site not only hosts your family tree, but constantly scours its 17 million trees for people who might match your ancestors."

Family Tree Magazine is America’s most popular genealogy publication, and you’ll be able to pick up a copy at any large newsstand nearby. In the meantime, you can view online the full list of Best Websites for 2011.

Speaking of Family Tree Magazine, check out our joint family reunion themed competition with them! It could be your family reunion of a lifetime!

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Interview Series: Kay Francis, Honorary Secretary, Casino & District Family HIstory Group

Casino is a town in the Northern Rivers area of New South Wales, Australia, with a population of approximately 10,000

In this interview we meet with Kay Francis, Honorary Secretary of the Casion & District Family History Group (CDFHG)

Tell us a bit about yourself Kay - how you got into family history research, why you are so heavily involved with it now etc.

I started researching our family history 33 years ago, The records then were few & far between & found the only way to find information was through asking a lot of questions of close relatives, church records & historical societies.

I am still interested in finding new information a least once a week on past members of the family, it is adding character to their existence & not just a date on a piece of paper.

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MyHeritage.com Interviews Anne Bradshaw, author of True Miracles with Genealogy

Anne Bradshaw is the author of the genealogy bestseller “True Miracles with Genealogy” and has written books for more than twenty years. She was born in England, is a spouse, a mother and grandmother, and has lived in the USA for many years. Besides writing books Anne has a personal blog and a website for her latest book.

MyHeritage.com talked to Anne about her interesting bestseller, her background and her kinship with the legendary singer Phil Collins.

For the people that didn't read your book could you tell us what it is about?
"True Miracles with Genealogy" contains fascinating family-history research stories. They’re the kind of stories where you know that ancestors were making things happen. Material came in from the USA and many other countries such as England, Canada, Australia, and the Netherlands. Each story is unique. It was inspiring to learn about the many different ways descendants discovered information.
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See you at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree this Week-end: June 10 – 12

Excellent news! MyHeritage will be exhibiting at the Southern California Genealogical Society Jamboree this Friday thru Sunday (June 10-12) in Burbank, California.

Jamboree is a must-attend event for family history fans. Pre-Registration has closed,  but walk-in registration will be available for general Jamboree tickets, JamboFREE sessions and more workshops and mini-classes (with payment). See special notes on the registration process here Jamboree: 10 Things I Want you to Know - Registration Process.

This year Jamboree has created a nifty application for smartphones. To find out how to install their application click here.

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Create Your Own Personal Flag (and See If You Can Guess Ours!)

While genealogy is often about discovering your past, MyHeritage is also focused on helping people connect with their living family members and sharing their own personal history.

With that in mind, I was delighted to find a website called We Are Multicolored (WAM) which allows you to create your own personal flag. I'm not talking about traditional heraldry or a coat of arms. Rather, you get to create a new flag that has both personal and historical meaning to you!

WAM provides you with very easy to use tools that allows you to create a custom flag based by combining flags from countries that:

  • You live in
  • Has affected you
  • You’ve dreamed of going to

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MyHeritage.com and Family Tree Magazine contest…win a free family reunion!

Participate in the contest and win a free family reunion! We're very excited to launch a joint contest with Family Tree Magazine, the leading family history magazine in the USA, to celebrate long-lost relative discoveries! Lots of amazing prizes to be won! Read on

Ever discovered a long-lost relative through your family history research?

Share your “long-lost relative discovery” with us and enter a contest to win a free, expenses-paid reunion with them, a year-long VIP subscription membership with Family Tree Magazine and a three-year Premium-Plus subscription with leading family history site MyHeritage.com (among other prizes - a digital subscription to Family Tree Magazine and a 3-year Premium-plus subscription on MyHeritage.com for the two runners-up!).

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Researching your Polish Family History

According to the U.S. 2000 Census, roughly 9 million people claim Polish descent -- with the largest Polish populations in New York (986,141), Illinois (932,996), Michigan (854,844), Pennsylvania (824,146), and New Jersey (576,473) (http://factfinder.census.gov).

The Polish American immigrant experience is a compelling one -- from around 1608, when Polish immigrants first appear in the Jamestown, Virgina archives to later waves of immigrations leading up until the Cold War and beyond.

While some claim Poles arrived on Viking ships exploring the New World before 1600, to date there hasn't been any evidence to support such claims. Records indicate the first appearance of Poles in America as early as 1608, when they were recruited to the colonies to establish artisan industries. See Wikipedia, Polish American, http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Polish_American (describing the history of Polish Americans) (as of May 28, 2011).

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MyHeritage Acquires Polish Genealogy Site Bliscy.pl

Today MyHeritage is pleased to announce the acquisition of the popular Polish genealogy website, Bliscy.pl, in a move that will open a new range of possibilities in Polish family research -- for those in Poland or part of the greater community of Polish descendants worldwide.

With the acquisition of Bliscy.pl, half a million new users have been added to MyHeritage -- expanding our international family network to over 56 million people and 760 million profiles! Combined with last year’s acquisition of the Polish website MoiKrewni.pl, MyHeritage.com is now an excellent resource for anyone researching their Polish family history.

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