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Genealogy conferences: Learning for all!

There’s nothing quite like a genealogy conference.

Family and friends may not understand why you are so interested in family history and why you spend so much time researching your ancestors.

No one at a genealogy  event will question your motives because every attendee is passionate about his or her unique family history. No one will think you are wasting your time as you reconstruct your family history. Everyone shares your interests.

Famed geneabloggers Dick Eastman (left) and Randy Seaver were among some 70 bloggers attending Jamboree 2011

Tell anyone about your brick wall problem. Not only will someone provide suggestions to follow, but may well point you to other experts who deal with just that problem.

Someone once asked why family historians and genealogists are so friendly to newcomers.  I believe it is because we are hoping that each new person we meet may have the answer to our own family puzzles.

Such was the case at the recently-concluded Southern California Genealogical Society (SCGS) Jamboree 2011, attended by chief genealogist Daniel Horowitz and myself.

We attended various talks and social events, lectured and staffed the MyHeritage booth.

The MyHeritage booth at Jamboree 2011

Among the highlights of this annual event were meeting happy MyHeritage users and introducing newcomers to all the features and tools to help in their research.

There were technology innovations - a first-ever gen conference app - as well as social events and excellent presentations. In addition to the presence of some 70 geneabloggers, events included a full-day family history writers conference, a free Kids Camp, a world round table event and much more.

We met many happy experienced MyHeritage users who dropped by to say hello, and assisted newcomers to register their family site and find Smart Matches.

For more details on the highlights and events at Jamboree 2011, click here for the MyHeritage Genealogy Blog post on our experiences.

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  1. new to this area of life and am trying to get all the facts possible on
    my family history. (Gosselin) have a road block with family from
    there marage in Canada to arrival in MASS IN EARLY 1900'S
    as I said this is a new area for me as I'm still feeling my way around the computer.

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