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Video of the Week: Some Wise Thoughts on Family History

This week we have a very interesting video from all-round genealogy guru Helen Leary. She has some very interesting thoughts here on why people do genealogy - and her reasons may surprise you. She also talks about some of the more eery experiences family historians can have while doing their research. Definitely worth checking out.

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Interview Series: Anne Major, Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies

The Australian Institute of Genealogical Studies (AIGS) is one of Australia's longest running and largest genealogical organisations. AIGS is based in Blackburn, in the eastern suburbs of Melbourne, Victoria.

This interview is with Anne Major from AGIS.


Hi Anne. Can you tell us a bit about yourself - how you got into family history research, why you are so heavily involved with it now etc.

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User Story: Carrying the Family History Baton Through the Generations

The 36th Ulster Division, in which one of Steve's ancestors fought

Once in a while we get a story in from a user that not only tells interesting tales about family history anecdotes and findings, but speaks volumes about how we get into this hobby and why we continue it. This story, from Steve Porter, does exactly that. He talks of how he gradually gained interest in the hobby, and took his father's previous research much farther. His story touches upon ancestors in the Great War, out in Canada, and beyond. Here it is in his own words.
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Mapping God’s Genealogy?

Every now and then someone goes and constructs a really unique family tree, and this is what's happened over at soulliberty.com.

Robert Rouse, from the site, has published a family tree for God, showing a bloodline from Adam and Eve through to Noah, King David, and right through to Jesus.
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Grandson’s namesake sparks family history quest…Scott’s story

Scott has been with MyHeritage.com now for quite a few years. In researching his family history, he has come across a number of amazing stories. His genealogy blog "Onward to Our Past" is focused on Bohemia, the Czech community of Cleveland, Cornwall in the UK, Italy and Italian immigration. He shares a few of his stories with us here.

The author with his grandsons. Bottom fellow is he who started it all, William.

I am Scott Phillips, an avid genealogist and family historian. I have always been interested in my family roots and ties since childhood. I have wonderful memories of gathering with my extended family and trying to understand the differences between my Cornish-rooted family and my Bohemian family members. Always wondered why I love eating pasty and Knedliky so much! Of course, living with my grandmother who often spoke Czech helped a lot to instill in me a wonder for where we all came from.

About two years ago my son came to my wife and me and informed us that we were going to be grandparents again. The icing on this cake was that if it was a boy, he and his wife had decided to name him William after my father. Since my father had passed away the year before, I decided to ‘just write a couple paragraphs’ about my new grandson’s namesake for him. Little did I know how badly the genealogy bug would grab a hold of me! As I have seen written and is certainly true of me: “I used to have a life, then I discovered genealogy”.

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User Story: Printing a MyHeritage Family Tree Chart – Lynn’s Experience

If you’ve ever thought about creating and printing a MyHeritage family tree chart then here's a story from a MyHeritage community member who has gone through the process.

But first, a bit of background info…

MyHeritage has, for a long time now, provided tools for members to create fantastic family tree charts.

Late last year however, we added a range of new chart styles and also introduced a professional printing service for those who wanted their charts to come to life in high quality.

In January this year, we ran a competition, which offered a chance to win a free family tree chart to anyone who retweeted a simple message on Twitter.

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MyHeritage.com heads south for National Genealogical Society 2011 Family History Conference

Tomorrow we're off to Charleston, South Carolina for the National Genealogical Society 2011 Family History Conference -- a genealogy extravaganza filled with family history fun for everyone from beginner to seasoned genealogist. This is the place to see the industry’s major companies gathered together to showcase their new technologies and resources in genealogical software, research, DNA testing services, and much more. The exhibit hall will be free and open to the public Wednesday through Saturday.

Be sure to visit us at the MyHeritage.com booth! Look for the big green tree -- and Daniel, Schelly or Tara.

Can't make it to the conference this year? Don't fret! Check out our Facebook page and our Twitter (hashtag #NGS2011) for updates.

Hope to see you there!

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What’s In Aa Surname? Getting to the Bottom of the First Name in the Phone Book

As genealogy and family history buffs, we often become obsessed with small facts about surnames. That’s why a recent article from New Zealand caught my attention.

The writer spoke to Michelle A'a about the pros and cons of being the first person in the phone book.

There was obviously the novelty of being able to tell people you’re the first person in the phone book, but then there was the downside of constant calls from people looking for Alcoholics Anonymous.

This got me thinking. What’s the first surname in other countries around the world?

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Last WW1 Combat Veteran Dies, Aged 110, in Australia

A sad day today as the last known combat veteran from World War 1, Claude Stanley Choules, passed away aged 110.

Choules, who lied about his age so that he could join the navy at 14 was born in England in March 1901 but later moved to Australia where he served with the Royal Australian Navy.

He spent his last years in Perth, Western Australia

Choules' death came not long after the only other remaining combat veteran, US serviceman Frank Buckles, who passed away aged 110 on February 27.

While this marks the end of a physical connection to the battlefields of World War 1, there is still one veteran, Florence Green, who lived through the war as an Officer’s mess steward for the Women’s Royal Air Force.

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Video of the Week: Why Join a Genealogy Society?

With so much available online these days, it's very easy to think that genealogy societies are no longer needed. Surely if it's resources we want, we have them on the internet; and if it's help from others, we have that too.

Well, despite being a genealogy website we think there's still a lot of good to be had in joining a genealogy society. If you want to find out why, this riveting video - featuring the president of one such society - gives a pretty good summary.

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