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Every mother is a hero

Many countries around the world are preparing to celebrate Mother’s Day this coming Sunday – to pay respect and thanks to their family heroines.

The woman that gave everything for her loved ones, the one that is the reason we are in this world.

There is not just one, we all have more than one heroine in our family. It could be a great grandmother that despite war, loneliness, financial difficulties and other life challenges – survived against all the odds.

Or it could be the unconditional support for you and personal strength demonstrated by your own mother during a difficult period in life. By simply spending more time with the women in your family – you’d be surprised at how tough they really are.

We would like to invite all of readers to share with us the amazing, often courageous stories of your mother, grandmother and other women in your family that made history. Tell us why she’s such a heroine. You can leave it on a comment on this blog or send it to marketing@myheritage.com. By submitting your own story you have the chance to win a One Year Free Premium Family site for your mom!

In thinking about this project our own marketing team came up with their own personal stories about their mothers that we would love to share with all of you.

Silvia, European Community Manager

For me a mother should be the most important person for each one of us, as she is the one that carries us for 9 months, gives us birth and educates us as good as she can. About my mother, I’m very proud of her! She is always there for me - no matter how busy she is, she will always take time for me. As my father was a sailor, when I was a child I only saw him every 3 months; therefore I also have a close bond with my mum. During the first 6 years of my life we both have shared EVERYTHING. Without her I would not have become what I am now and: the older I get, the more like her I become, that makes me very happy!

Tara, US Community Manager

As a child, Mother's Day was always a very special day to celebrate and pamper mom. We spent the whole morning preparing pancakes and fresh-squeezed orange juice for a surprise breakfast in bed, complete with flowers and a handmade card. Seeing mom so happy was so rewarding. Today, we give a call and send flowers, but nothing compares to childhood memories of the day so near and dear to my heart. So here's much love and thanks to all the moms for the many ways you show you care.

Robert, UK Community Manager

Sometimes it’s not the one-offs that matter, but the dedication over a longer period of time. The big achievement from my mother, I think, was being able to raise three children, while still working or doing training much of the time, and juggling this with unwavering patience, calm, and enthusiasm. This I will always appreciate.

Ania, Marketing Manager

Women in my family always were characterized to be strong and fighters. I always heard stories of my grandmother and her family how they survived the war and after such terrible times continue with their lives. My mother is also very inspiring, she moved to a totally different country and continent without knowing where she was going, without speaking the local language and just having me and my father. Even thought it was hard she managed to move forward and make a life. They are the ones that always remind me that there isn't impossible things, just impossible people.

Denie, Holland Community Manager

I have no words to express the gratitude and love I feel towards my mother. She is my true hero! When life was hard, she held her head strong and thought me never to give up. A strong woman like her mother and her grandmother and her great grandmother and so on. We stand side by side and express thankfulness each and every day. She picks the right words at the right moment as only a true mother can. For me every day is mothersday.

Justyna, Poland Community Manager

"Every mother is a hero!” it is not only empty sentence, but a true saying. When we grow up sometimes we do not release how much we appreciate our parents, until we lose one of them. My family is big; I have 5 younger siblings, 4 sisters and 1 little brother. Our father passed away a few years ago and our mother had to handle both parts since then. I am and my siblings are very thankful for my mother that she could manage to raise all children alone and for that she was and is with us for the good times and the bad ones♥

Walter, Brazil Community Manager

My mother was one of those people you can never forget. Always with a funny or interesting story to tell, my mother kept me and my 5 brothers laughing and smiling throughout the years. No matter how big the problem, my mother could always change our mood and help us resolve our issues. My mother was like an island or an oasis where we could relax and calm down. Ah! There were so many times when I came to her with problems seeking her loving advice. Time has not changed my memories - I always will remember my mother and her laugh, always cheerful and spirited. She taught me to smile. I was the last of her children to speak with her during her lifetime. Alone in the room with her, she was still clearheaded. And in my state of unease and desperation, she grabbed my hand and said smiling "It'll be fine. Otherwise we will have to trade places." My brothers and I know today that we were not alone in seeking her advice and comfort in difficult times, so too were our many friends and neighbors delighted with her joyful outlook and approach to life. Today, I know that she realized her dreams: her greatest joy was in creating six good children for the world.

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