31    May 20110 comments

Video of the Week: The 2011 Genealogy Cruise

If you've ever wondered what it'd be like to combine a cruise with a genealogy event, you need look no further.

In March this year, a group of family history enthusiasts embarked on Unlock the Past's History and Genealogy Cruise.

The cruise took 250 people on a tour of the Pacific off the east coast of Australia, on a spectacular journey interspersed with some excellent talks and seminars on genealogy and history. You can see their full itinerary here. If you didn't make it yourself, you can at least see some highlights from this recently-uploaded video.

26    May 20110 comments

Poll: What’s The Best Time of Year to Do Family History Research?

Some people say family history is best done as a winter activity. The sunny weather goes away, and the research comes out...or so the theory goes.

Is this true in your experience? Do you tend to do the most research in the bleaker months, or you pretty constant all year round, are you feel more upbeat and keen to find your roots when the sun comes out to shine? Let us know your favourite season for family history research below!

25    May 20114 comments

Family Tree of Oprah Winfrey

Today after 25 years of history Oprah hosts the finale today of her show and in MyHeritage we want to pay tribute to such a great woman. 

You can see Oprah's family tree here.

Oprah wasborn in 1954 in Kosciusko, Mississippi. She was named after a biblical character in the Book of Ruth ( Bible) and her original name is  "Orpah". However her family had problems to pronunce it and ended up calling her "Oprah".  Her mother Vernita Lee was a housemaid and her father a coal miner.
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25    May 20112 comments

Do You Remember The Thing That Started Your Family History Journey?

Do you remember the thing that started you on your family history journey?

We recently asked this question to our @MyHeritage Twitter followers to see if there was some commonality to how people got started researching their family.

Of the many replies we received we started to see some common threads in the stories and of all of them, there were 2 themes that were by far the most popular, which you'll see below:

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23    May 20110 comments

Video of the Week: Ancestors from 19th Century Glasgow

This week's video is from Susan, a family historian in Glasgow. It shows some great photos of the streets her Glaswegian ancestors walked from the mid-19th Century onwards. You can see another, more recent historical Glasgow video by Susan here.

19    May 20114 comments

User Story: Victorian East Enders

Whitechapel in the Victoria era

This short story comes from a UK-based MyHeritage User, Suzanne Jenkins. Although Suzanne hasn’t had an easy job tracing her husband’s ancestors (he has very common surnames in the tree!), she has found some interesting background about her family. Here she shares a short story about her ancestors' lives in the East End of London, during the Victorian era. It gives a brief glimpse into how life must have been back then.
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17    May 20110 comments

Video of the Week: What is a Family?

MyHeritage.com is all about family, and this week we have a rather thought-provoking video on just that topic.

It's by the Truth Project, and simply asks the question: 'What is a Family?' A wide range of people are asked this question in the video, and they come up with some very interesting answers.

The Truth Project has a range of similarly-styled videos, on a variety of topics. You can view some of these on their YouTube channel here.

17    May 20110 comments

Interview Series: Kay Radford, Research Centre Manager Central Coast Family History Society Inc

The Central Coast of NSW stretches from the Hawkesbury River north of Sydney, Australia. It is an area with a history of shipbuilding and early settlement and most popular for its orange orchards in the past.

In this interview we meet with Kay Radford, Research Centre Manager and Vice President of the Central Coast Family History Society Inc.

Tell us a bit about yourself Kay - how you got into family history research, why you are so heavily involved with it now etc.

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16    May 20110 comments

National Genealogical Society 2011 Family History Conference: Coverage Roundup

Now that we're home safe and sound from the National Genealogical Society Family History Conference, we thought we'd highlight some event happenings and post-coverage and post it here for anyone who couldn't make it to Charleston, SC this year.

We were amazed at the turnout! And thrilled to meet and chat with so many family history enthusiasts -- newbies and seasoned professionals alike! It was wonderful to hear all the amazing family history research and stories.

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15    May 20110 comments

Poll: How Many Countries Do You Have Family In?

Our ancestors hail from all sorts of countries and continents, but what about your family today? Does the family unit tend to be located just in one country, or is the extended family strewn all arout the world?

The definition of 'family' here does include extended family members; but if they're so distant from you that you've never met, it's probably best to leave them out!

Happy voting!

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