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Poll: How Often Do You Talk With Your Mom?

With Mother's Day in the US soon approaching, most of us will be making a call home to get back in touch. We thought we'd take this opportunity, though, to ask how often you talk to your Mom in your day-to-day life.

For some of us, we're still in daily contact with our mothers, and keep them up-to-date with everything that we're doing. For others among us, it's harder to stay in touch so frequently, and weekly, monthly, or even less frequent calls are the norm.

What's the situation in your family? It'd be great to know where you fall in the categories below!

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  1. lovely to see that the highest responses were 'daily' talks with our Mums, there is hope for the World yet...as long as there are Mums that is. cheers sonya
  2. There are missing an option for marking dead
  3. When my Mother was alive we talked as often as possible. It is a shame there is no option for those of us who no longer have our mothers here as they are missed by so many of us.
  4. My mother passed away nearly 4 years ago and is sadly missed.
    There are no options on this poll for that. Good idea to add that option, don't you think?

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