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Is Australia’s Gift to the Royal NewlyWeds a Sign of the Changing Times?

Australia has announced that it’s (i.e. the country’s) present to Will and Kate for their Royal Wedding will be a $25,000 donation, in their name, to the Royal Flying Doctor Service (RFDS). (That's a picture of Will boarding a RFDS plane on the left)

Personally, I would have gotten the future boss something slightly bigger for his wedding but asking people to donate to charity in lieu of buying presents is a touching gesture by the soon to be newly-weds.

It should be said, this not something new and reflects a changing trend that I’ve noticed at Australian weddings, funerals and other poignant occasions.

Instead of the traditional gift giving or flowers, people are more comfortable than ever before asking for money to be directed to a specific cause.

The rationale behind this is simple and probably indicative of our times – less waste, more efficient – even if it calls on a little less creativity from the gift giver than in the past.

Of course the giving of money is nothing new in many cultures around the world, but for most countries that drew on English sensibilities during their formation, the sheer gaucheness of asking for money rather than accepting what your guest has offered as a present, finally seems to be evaporating.

So, what are your thoughts on the topic?

When it comes to presents, is it better to give money for a particular purpose or do you still prefer the personal touch associated with selecting and giving a present?

And what of Australia’s $25,000 donation. Do you think the country should have donated more?

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