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Families Around The World – Mar 16, 2011

In this series we look at some of the more interesting family stories from around the world over the past 7 days.

Included in this week's list are stories from Japan, The USA, Pakistan, Southern Sudan and France.


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Video of the Week: Interviews from RootsTech

This week we thought we'd showcase some videos from the RootsTech conference - an event that brought together technology and family history enthusiasts. While the event was a month ago now, some videos of it haven't come online until more recently. For those who didn't make it, these will be the next best thing to seeing some of the experts give talks in person.
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140 year old British poem wins title of most romantic love letter

The accolade of the most romantic, undiscovered love letter ever written has been awarded today to the late Charles Baylis Burgess (17 January 1850 - December 8th 1872). Born in Northamptonshire in the UK, Charles penned a heartfelt poem for his beloved wife, Elizabeth Morgan, on August 20th 1872, shortly before dying of tuberculosis (at the tender age of 22). Our love letter competition aimed to celebrate family love and ancestral romances on Valentine’s Day 2011; with one of the UK’s best-selling authors, Wendy Holden (author of Filthy Rich, Beautiful People and Gallery Girl), acting as judge. Ancestral romances, often illustrated in love letters, are a critical point in every family’s history. 

The letter was submitted by his great-great-granddaughter, Paula Green. Over 200 hundred people scoured their attics and family archives to enter this unique competition, and a selection of the best examples that span the centuries can also be read at http://www.myheritage.com/loveletters, while the full transcript of Charles’s romantic effort can be read below.

The letter includes romantic references such as "While on our little babe I gaze, as a fond father ought to do, my heart is filled with inward praise to think that I am loved by you." And "My dear from you I soon must part, and all the friends I love, but joyful thoughts do fill my heart, that we can meet above."

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Tracing your European Roots: New Internet Gateway for Documents and Archives in Europe

This blog post was written in Spanish by our colleague, Ania. Para leer este artículo en Español, presione aquí.

For those of you looking for archives and documents relating to your European ancestors or parents APEnet (Archives Portal Europe) may be of great help to you.

The goal of the APEnet project is to build an Internet Gateway for Documents and Archives in Europe of fourteen European National Archives, and in cooperation with EUROPEANA, to create a common space for European archives and digital collections.
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Video of the Week: The Back-Breaking Leaf – Films from Canada

This week we have something for our Canadian readers (and others too, of course), taken from the National Film Board of Canada.

The NFB has a website where many videos and documentaries - from decades ago up to today - are free to view. You can access it here and view videos at your leisure.
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It runs in the family – especially if you’re a Coblentz!

MyHeritage.com user Mr. Howard Coblentz began researching his family history over 5  years ago and now has, incredibly, over 4000 people in his family tree. Howard has unraveled the mystery of his family's past, revealing a long line of adventurous and successful ancestors whose legacies last to this day. While his search led him to far-flung destinations - one of the biggest discoveries was in his very own hometown of Sacramento. They could have passed each other on the street many times - but the family resemblance between Howard and his cousin Margo Coblentz (reunited via a Smart Match on MyHeritage.com) and the incredible similarities between their daughters,  are plain to see. Read on to find out more about this incredible story. 

Howard and Margo Coblentz – Sacramento cousins reunited through a Smart Match on MyHeritage.com! (click to enlarge)

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Celebrating International Women’s Day

It’s International Women’s Day today, and people will be celebrating worldwide in honor of the economic, social, and political achievements of women past, present, and future. It’s a particularly special event this year, however: today marks the 100th annual celebration of International Women’s Day.

The idea of an International Women’s Day was first put forward at the turn of the 20th Century, amidst vast economic changes around the world which had led to poor working conditions, and urbanization which fostered the exchange of new and radical ideas. The IWD event had its own quite radical traditions, as its inauguration came after a declaration from the Socialist Party of America. It was attended by over one million people in a number of countries, as women (and a fair number of men) came out onto the street campaigning for women’s rights to work, vote, and hold public office.
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Who Do You Think You Are? Live: Coverage Roundup

Now that it's a week after the event and the dust has well and truly settled, we thought we'd find all the post-event coverage we could from Who Do You Think You Are? Live and post it here for any who want an overview of the event. Here are a collection of blog posts and videos, with a few photos from us thrown in for good measure. In each of these, click the highlighted links to view the original. If we've missed anything, do let us know in the comments.
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Journey Back in Time: Edible Traditions

Photo Credit: Flavors, http://flavors.ameseats.com

In this week's Journey Back in Time we're spotlighting edible traditions. Food has long been a family affair, with some recipes passed down for over four generations! And while many family recipes are kept a secret, we were hoping to find a few members out there willing to share their delicious dishes with the MyHeritage.com community.

Have an Irish grandma? Then maybe she made you shepherd's pie or cabbage and ham for St. Patricks's Day. We would love to hear your modern spins on your family's old Irish recipes!

Have an Italian grandma? Then you might have talked a lot about food growing up! Depending on the region of your family, she might have made you homemade pasta - fettucine, cappelini and pappardelli or Suppli (fried rice balls) - 'white' mixed with cheese, saffron, nutmeg, or 'red' with bolognese.

Have a German grandma? Maybe you grew up eating homemade Bratwurst with potatoes and SauerKraut.

Have a Mexican grandma? Maybe you and your family gathered around the kitchen to watch her make Puebla-style chicken in mole poblano.

It's so nice to know edible traditions are being carried on through the generations. Will you share yours in the comments?

Happy Friday!

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Interview Series: Neil Fraser from Heir Hunters

As part of our interview series, MyHeritage.com recently interviewed Neil Fraser from Fraser & Fraser, the firm best-known for its work on the UK TV series Heir Hunters. The show, which began in 2007, is now on its fifth series, and has become a runaway success - almost always topping the ratings for its morning slot on UK television.

Fraser & Fraser are a team of genealogists and probate researchers in the business of finding heirs and proving their right to an inheritance. If a person dies and leaves an estate but no known relatives, Fraser & Fraser will trace back through their family tree to find that individual’s nearest living relatives, and let them know that they have an inheritance. The relatives may not even know, or only know vaguely, of their distant family member’s very existence.
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