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Journey Back in Time: Edible Traditions

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In this week's Journey Back in Time we're spotlighting edible traditions. Food has long been a family affair, with some recipes passed down for over four generations! And while many family recipes are kept a secret, we were hoping to find a few members out there willing to share their delicious dishes with the MyHeritage.com community.

Have an Irish grandma? Then maybe she made you shepherd's pie or cabbage and ham for St. Patricks's Day. We would love to hear your modern spins on your family's old Irish recipes!

Have an Italian grandma? Then you might have talked a lot about food growing up! Depending on the region of your family, she might have made you homemade pasta - fettucine, cappelini and pappardelli or Suppli (fried rice balls) - 'white' mixed with cheese, saffron, nutmeg, or 'red' with bolognese.

Have a German grandma? Maybe you grew up eating homemade Bratwurst with potatoes and SauerKraut.

Have a Mexican grandma? Maybe you and your family gathered around the kitchen to watch her make Puebla-style chicken in mole poblano.

It's so nice to know edible traditions are being carried on through the generations. Will you share yours in the comments?

Happy Friday!

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