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Families Around the World – Mar 30, 2011

In this series we look at some of the more interesting family stories from around the world over the past 7 days.

Included in this week's list are stories from Canada, India, Lebanon, Mexico and Malta.




To kick things off we have the story of a family member that decided to take things a step further after a recent reunion and write a whole book on the family!

Nancy Jane (Delaney) Nawoichyk was prompted to pen the publication after a get together with over 70 members of her family in 2005.

It's something I know we've all thought about doing, which makes it so great to hear that Nancy followed through.



Next, from India, we have a humorous look at the "Rulebook of Family Reunions"

I'm sure there are many of you, Indian or otherwise, who can relate to this story.



From Lebanon we have a wonderful story about the Massaya winery,  the deep roots the Ghosn family that runs it has with the land and their commitment to continue producing exceptional wines despite the turmoil that often engulfs the country.



From Mexico we have the story of a 64 year-old grandmother who, with the help of her children, has finally graduated from Elementary and Junior High School.

Next Stop - her High School Diploma. You Go Girl!



Finally, there's some good news from Malta with a motion  for the setting up of a Permanent Committee for Family Affairs presented to the Clerk of the House last Friday.

Reading through the article you can see the importance of family in Malta so it's fantastic the country is trying to ensure that this stays at the top of the political agenda


That's it for this week's Families Around the World.

If you have any amazing family stories you think our blog readers would like to hear about, feel free to put some info and a link in the comments to this post and we'll see if we can add it to next week's edition of FAW.

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