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Poll: How Long Have You Been Doing Genealogy For?

This week's poll asks how long you've been doing this hobby for. Are you a relative newcomer, or a seasoned veteran of the genealogy world? Let us know below.

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  1. My family research project began in 1986 as a fun thing, but for much longer than that I have been obsessed with one particular ancestor - sarah lawson(wright) - our first Australian Mother is my 2G Grandmother. Up until last year I had no information about her birth, migration, marriage or movements in Australia (from 1856) Not even her own daughter mentioned anything that could be remembered by ANY decendants. How terribly sad. Then I found her grave and from there I have accumulated quite a record. My website www.sstaffolani.com is still under construction. Recently, a first cousin lost everything in a house fire and I am devoting time away from my pet project to concentrate on what he has lost i.e. everything his father left to him, all family records, photos, orig. docs., war records, mining leases and names of family members back in Jersey County, Channel Islands UK. A difficult place to search. But the name 'Poingdestre' is very well known apart from when the first ancestor left and migrated to Oz. cheers I enjoy these Polls
  2. I am looking for a child or children of Rosemary Holman b.1910 in the U.S.A.

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