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Thanks! Gracias! Merci! Faleminderit! Gracies! Kiitos! Dankjewel! Multumesc!

It's that time of the year again, when we give thanks to all our volunteers.


During 2010, our small army of some 100 volunteers helped us translate the MyHeritage website and our software program Family Tree Builder into about 25 of the currently available 36 languages.

Thanks to our dedicated volunteers, new languages - like Latvian - are about to be released on the website, and Afrikaans is expected very soon.

We are already working on many additional projects, such as translating the Family Tree Builder User Guide into more languages. A small group of people have also begun helping in the forums, providing answers to common questions posted there.

Our volunteers are a great help for us and we really appreciate their assistance, and we recognize them by the special icon next to their names throughout the website!

Would you like to join this group of special peope? If so, please send an email to translate@myheritage.com.

Among this year's volunteers (and their languages) are (in no particular order):

Dusan Nikolic - Serbian
Roger Berg - Swedish
Helina Riisalu - Estonian
Núria Comas - Catalán
Marianne Titze - Swedish
Derick Opperman - Afrikaans
Vit Ozana - Czech
David Srumpf - Slovenian
Peter Zavodnik - Slovenian
Volodymyr Н. Bodnar - Ukrainian
Mahir Suljic - Bosnian
Kjetil Røsland - Norwegian
Josip Ivančić - Croatian
Bystrik Bugan - Slovakian
Ulf Johnsson - Swedish
Eimantas Vadeika - Lithuanian
Torben Gaarde - Danish
Alžbeta Vančová - Slovakian
Martin van den Berg - Afrikaans
Josep Romeu - Catalán
Josep Canal - Catalán
Zdenka Novak - Czech
Henrik Poulsen - Danish
Reima Mäkinen - Finnish
Kari Aaljoki - Finnish
Yehuda Dodo - Hebrew
Liran Bar - Hebrew
Iaacov Rosenberg - Hebrew
David Ben Naim - Hebrew
Shaul Margaliot - Hebrew
Ilan Klein - Hebrew
Szalóki Ákos - Hungarian
Szalontai Zsolt - Hungarian
Arvydas Adamonis - Lithuanian
Helge indreiten - Norwegian
Alexander Capralow - Russian
Victor - Russian
Anatoly Lashkov - Russian
Goran Arnaut - Serbian
gabriel riszner - Slovakian
Fred Jönsson - Swedish
Katarina Hvass - Swedish
Ronny Skogberg - Swedish
Rolf Bäckström - Swedish
Carsten Bach Kristiansen - Swedish
Franz Peter Schmitz - German
Vladimir Repik - Czech
Mahmoud Wahsheh - Arabic
Melinda Katona - Hungarian
Bystrik Bugan - Slovakian
Senja Jaksic - Croatian
Michal Rezny - Czech
Henrik Poulsen - Danish
Vladimir Sedo - Slovakian
Annikka Heikura - Finnish
Antris Dvorovs - Latvian
Josip Maurovich - Croatian
Nikos Pentheroudakis - Greek
Zoltan Gabor - Hungarian
Gustavo Jona - Italian
Nijole Blistrabas - Lithuanian
Einar Røed - Norwegian
Miki Liptak - Slovakian
Lars Hansen - Swedish
Sven-Erik Stjernman - Swedish
Daiva L - Lithuanian
Andre Levy - Portugese BR
Bogdan Mateciuc - Romanian
ingunn - Norwegian
Nazar Makovijchuk - Ukrainian
Eva Aubrechtova - Czech
Kristiina Ruhanen - Finnish
Yoram Igael - Hebrew
Mindaugas Lanauskas - Lithuanian
Tataru Dragos - Romanian
viorel pavelea - Romanian
Valer Pol - Romanian
Mitja Svetina - Slovenian
Mārcis Beržinskis - Latvian
Vojko Grobovsek - Slovenian
Sven Hwass - Swedish
Lars Aggergren - Danish
Egil Øyangen - Norwegian
Erik Fridefors - Swedish
abu_meshari alabduallah - Arabic
Raul Miralta - Catalán
Tormod Engebu - Norweigian
Elin Holst Hansen - Danish
Vilnis Rasiņš - Latvian
Andris Junga - Latvian
Karl G. Slatten - Norwegian
Tomáš Pažourek - Czech
Andrius Ir Vilma F. - Lithuanian
Audrone Nariuniene - Lithuanian
Momir Tomic - Serbian
Boyan Alexiev - Bulgarian
Sean Leung - Chinese
Aniko Csallany - Hungarian
Jan de Bruin - Afrikaans
Vlasta Knapic - Slovenian
Bystrik Bugan - Czech
Adele Nortje - Afrikaans
Inge Laustsen - Danish
Senja Jaksic - Serbian

There are many others not listed here, but who have helped MyHeritage.com since the very beginning.  

To all our volunteers, past and present, we send our most sincere appreciation for your efforts.


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