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User Story: Genealogy in West Africa – the Birth of a Passion

This story, originally posted on our French blog, is a recollection from MyHeritage.com user Madame Madina Touré on how she traced her roots around Africa, and reconnected to many lost branches with her own MyHeritage family site. It is told in her own words.

I was born almost half a century ago in the middle valley of the Sénégal river, on the Mauritanian banks. My parents and two of my grandparents were also born there. This province, Kayhaydi (Kaédi, for the French colonizers), was the largest in the province of the Bosséa to which it belongs. This province is part of the Futa Toro territory, straddling both banks of the Senegal River populated mostly by Haalpulaaren (speakers of Pulaar/Fulfulde, the Fula language).

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How Genealogy helps Psychotherapy

"Since this family research started, communication with and between my relatives has reopened. I could better understand the distances between relatives. I could even better recognize the similarities and differences I have with some relatives. " Dr Modesto M Alonso.

Modesto is a psychotherapist and lives in Argentina. While working on the identity of his patients he has found that family history can be a very important part of the process. Modesto is a user of MyHeritage.com, and he advises to his patients to use the site as a tool to rebuild their family's history.

We conducted an interview with him and were fascinated with the subject. We believe it is of great interest for everyone because we are all influenced by our family history. Our identity stems from our family history and it is important to understand why and how we are. Personally, it made me think and analyze a lot about myself and how I have been  influenced by my family. Here is this fascinating interview:

How did your interest in Genealogy and family history begin?

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