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Mexican Digital Archives: Pre-Hispanic Heritage

Eso artículo ha escrito por Ania. Presione aquí para leer "Archivo digital prehispánico de México"

Treasures. Mexico's past through documents

Learning more about how our ancestors lived is very rewarding and brings us a little closer to past generations.

Until recently, there has been little information available on the dates and documentation of the pre-Hispanic era in Latin America. However, we have good news for those who are interested in this area of research: Mexico has created a digital library, Biblioteca Digital Mexicana where you can search and analyze various documents.

The documents available range from the years 500 to 1949. And you can research ancient manuscripts like: Chavero de Huejotzingo, Colombino, Huamantla, Siguenza y Matrícula de tributos, Teachialoyan de Cuajimalpa and la serie del Marquesado del Valle.

Credit: eluniversal.com.mx Photo: Archivo/ELUNIVERSAL

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  1. This is wonderful and so useful while in editing my books.

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