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  1. Ciao! i'm having problems of finding anything at all! not even one ancester! i thought i would at least find my grandfathers dates but, not even can find his tomb! and believe me i looked all over the sites! whats wrong with you guys!is it possible i can't find anything close! its the new year now ! and, i woukd really love to see something good happening!i just blew away money! i will not invest nomore if i dont find nothing!i don't get it! its so simple ! i give them the the name ! the place ! the dates! and still it is so hard to find just one simple name! i'm freaking out really! this is a rip off! even though! i'm new here! i can't even find my fathers done military! and, myuncles done war world two! i dont even find my dads immigration list on arrival ship at Halifax!it's been three weeks now ! i just can't seem to find nothing zero zero! and,i feel pretty sad ! cause, i don't wasnt to let go but, if i have no choice! i will! I NEED RESULTS!
  2. The same thing happened to me! I called immediately to get a refund on my money! But they would not refund it. Go to Ancestry.com it is the "only" way to do genealogy! Good Luck!

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