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A growing interest amongst the young in family history

Don’t be mistaken in thinking that family history is a simply a popular pastime for old folk or for serious genealogists. We’re witnessing an increasing number of young people becoming interested in researching their family’s past. Many are actually becoming genealogy experts themselves!

So the bottom line is that it doesn’t matter how old you are, family history is a great hobby for everyone. After seeing their great work and reading their thrilling stories, we’re feeling pretty pleased with ourselves that our site has helped children still at school make such tremendous accomplishments with their family history research.

We recently interviewed three MyHeritage.com users whose passion for genealogy at their age just amazed us. Here we share with you their stories:

"Thanks to MyHeritage.com discovering my family's past has been a fun and rewarding experience”

David Kaufmann, 16 years old, Spain.

It all started 2 years ago when my grandparents died. In their house they had many memories in pictures and albums. I didn’t know what to do with all those pictures. Then I came across MyHeritage.com. After checking out the site, I realized I can scan all the pictures and keep them safe on the site. This discovery led me to become interested in genealogy.

I downloaded Family Tree Builder and continued investigating my family history. I entered more pictures and data, but noticed that some information was missing. That was when I was really bitten by the genealogy bug. I spent a lot of time asking all my relatives about my family and my ancestors. Thanks to this research process I could fill in the blanks in our family tree - and could also identify many more birth and death dates.

From my research findings I discovered much more about my ancestors. Discovering and understanding who my ancestors were gave me a great appreciation of what my family is made of, which has been very fulfilling on a personal level.

First you may think you do not get results and that your efforts are a waste of time, but after a while you realize that everything you've done has served to unite your family ties and to find out who your ancestors were.

“Thanks to Smart Matches, I found some second cousins I never even knew about”.”

Victor Zugasti, 14 years old, Argentina.

My interest in family history research started when I realized about the need I had to understand the complex family network I belong to. I began my research by asking my immediate family questions - and later the rest of my relatives. To find information about deceased relatives I consulted my grandparents. I discovered distant relatives I never even knew existed.

Thanks to Smart Matches, I found second cousins, on the branch of my paternal grandmother. When I realized that they also had a family site and we had the opportunity to exchange information, I was filled with surprise and joy. Now I am a member of their site.

To accomplish good family history research you need a lot of patience and perseverance.

“MyHeritage has become a significant part of my family history research”.

Yoni Arndt, 14 years old, Israel.

I have always been interested in my family history. I have childhood memories of relatives who recalled other relatives that died and I never met. I started to investigate my family history - always asking relatives, searching in endless documents and studying family pictures - some dating back as far as 150 years. Then I discovered that the internet is a vast source of useful information.

MyHeritage.com is a significant part of my family history project. Family Tree Builder became a major tool for reconstructing my family past and thanks to Smart Matches I found many distant relatives abroad and I could get a lot more information from their sites.

Today I have around 1,000 people in my family tree. One of the most shocking pieces of information I found was that dozens of relatives perished during the Holocaust. Before I had no idea this had happened; I thought none of my relatives perished in that terrible time. After making this discovery, the documents from some of these relatives from the Holocaust now have great personal meaning to me.

Personally I think MyHeritage.com is a great family history resource, well worth working with. It has an easy-use platform for the construction of trees, site management, automatic search for relatives, great customer service, and it is innovative and constantly makes improvements.

It is important to know where you're going, but equally so to know where you came from.

We thank to these 3 young men for sharing their great stories with us. We hope that more and more kids will discover the wonders of researching family history.

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  1. That is fantastic to see young people taking a interest in the family history...i have already got one set up on my desktop with over 25,000 people on it and i hope to pass it onto my granddaughter when she is old enough and has time to keep it up for me...at present she is only 15months old. I do enjoy My Heritage program...it has been so helpful in so may ways.
  2. A great way for young genealogy students to get the real story of an individual is to go to Google and search videotape life history. A complete aid to ask the right questions produce a family video and create a video story book for future generations.

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