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What Happened The Year You Were Born?


When I was growing up I remember reading “This Day in History” in the local newspaper, which would give a few examples of things that happened on that day’s date in the past.

Most fun, of course, was reading about things that happened on my birthday but no matter what the day it was always interesting to read things that had happened in the year I was born.

For those of us who were keen to know more about what the world was like in the year we were born, the Internet has been a fantastic tool but it still involved doing research and, in many instances, pulling the pieces of the puzzle together.

Until now...

Enter 'What Happened in My Birth Year' a new website which turns facts about the year you were born into a wonderful story about your birth year with contextual relevance to the years that came before and after it.

Using the site is as simple as entering your birth year and then spending 10 minutes (yep, that’s 10 minutes, but it’s well worth it) reading through stories of that year along with relevant images.

To see an example video for the year 1969, CLICK HERE 

Incredibly cool.

Search for your ancestors:

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  1. fascinating. Thanks for posting this
  2. A great resource to gather information to give someone for their birthday! Thanks.

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