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Video of the Week: British Wartime Propaganda

This week we've got a selection of videos rather than just one. These videos are from digitizations of the British Council's archive. From the early 1930s for about twenty years, the Council was very active in commissioning and distributing documentaries, designed to project a positive image of Britain to the outside world and to its own domestic population. Many of these films have been sitting in archives untouched for decades.

More information can be found on the project's homepage here. For this post, we've selected three of the videos. The first showcases London during the War; the second aims to promote rural life and is set in a country town, whose name isn't mentioned (although it turns out it's Boston, in the Midlands); the third tries to show off British shipbuilding.

London 1942 (1943) from British Council Film Archive on Vimeo.

Country Town (1943) from British Council Film Archive on Vimeo.

Steel Goes To Sea (1941) from British Council Film Archive on Vimeo.

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