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Photo of the Week: Can You Guess the Celebrity?

Last week we set you the challenge of identifying a celebrity from a childhood picture, and this week we're doing it again.

This one, we think, is a little easier than last week's pesky challenge. In fact, when you find out who this is you'll probably cup your face in your hands and weep an ocean of tears at the obviousness of it all, before learning the contents of Celebrity Childhood Photos: 2010 Edition by heart to avoid future embarrassment.

But we don't want that to happen. So here are a few clues:

- this person is a Hollywood star
- this person is best known by his middle name
- the first rule of these clues is that we do not talk about the clues

Do feel free to ask questions of us, which we'll answer in the comments. Although keep them to 'yes/no' questions - we can't give the game away too easily.

Good luck!

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  1. thats easy.. its Brad Pitt
  2. Owen Wilson
  3. Yeah, Brad Pitt.
  4. and the answer is *drumroll*...

    Brad Pitt!

    This one was a little too easy, so stand by for bigger challenges in future.
  5. I say Bard Pitt Also
  6. Definitely Brad Pitt

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