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User Story: Linda Saliamonas-Avery Creates Her Own Photobook from MyHeritage.com Tree

Linda Saliamonas-Avery, from St. Augustine, Florida, began researching her family tree some time ago and ended up with mountains of information. In August 2009, she decided to commit this to print with her own, custom-designed photo book. This is the story in her own words.

When my mother-in-law died, I inherited all of her pictures, which included those of her uncle. Then when my husband died, I actually realized that mine was the oldest generation in the family and once my husband’s cousin, who was born in Estonia, died, no one alive would know who the pictures were of, and the old family history would be gone. So, I decided, with my cousin’s help (by computer) that I would sort and label the pictures, and create an album for each of my children.
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Journey Back in Time: Great Holiday Soundtracks

Every Friday we'll be revisiting old times and reminiscing cultural traditions of past eras. This week, we're starting off with some classic oldies. This music takes me back to my childhood -- to Saturday mornings when my parents would dust off their old records and share some of their favorite tunes.
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Finalists in the MyHeritage.com Holidays Charts Contest

At the beginning of this month, we launched the Holidays Charts Contest. We want to give a big thanks to all the people around the world who sent in charts - we have seen amazing and beautiful designs. Now we want to invite all of our readers to vote for their favorite chart.

The votes will be open until Sunday 19th December and the winner will be announced on Monday 20th. The winner will receive a voucher of $200 to be used with our printing service. 2nd Place will receive a voucher of $50, to be used with our printing service. These amounts are to cover printing and shipping of your posters.

Here is the list for the voting, and below it you will find the charts:


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Video of the Week: British Wartime Propaganda

This week we've got a selection of videos rather than just one. These videos are from digitizations of the British Council's archive. From the early 1930s for about twenty years, the Council was very active in commissioning and distributing documentaries, designed to project a positive image of Britain to the outside world and to its own domestic population. Many of these films have been sitting in archives untouched for decades.

More information can be found on the project's homepage here. For this post, we've selected three of the videos. The first showcases London during the War; the second aims to promote rural life and is set in a country town, whose name isn't mentioned (although it turns out it's Boston, in the Midlands); the third tries to show off British shipbuilding.
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Families Around The World

In this series we look at some of the more interesting family stories from around the world over the past 7 days.

This week we have, amongst other things, a touching story of family reunion 37 years on, the ironic story of a Nobel Laureate, whose expertise in genetics led him to discover a strange twist in his own personal story and a great post on changing African wedding trends.

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Month of new releases at MyHeritage.com

Be on the look out this month for new features, tools and products that will be released on MyHeritage.com!

This 2010 represented a very important year for MyHeritage.com. Our constant growth in members on the site (now more than 53 million) plus our commitment to give the best service and products resulted in challenging new projects in MyHeritage.com

Throughout the year of 2010 we have been planning and working on various projects that by this end of the year will be launched. This month is especially exciting for all our team and we can’t wait for our site members to enjoy all of these new features and tools.

It has been months of constant team work, communication with our site members and improvements. Proudly we will keep you updated throughout this month on the new features and tools that will be available in our site. These won´t be the only improvements that will be presented on the site, just in the month of November MyHeritage.com has already launched:

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Photo of the Week: Can You Guess This Celebrity?

Following the previous contest's flood of correct answers, we thought we'd make this week a little more challenging. Which, as your no doubt quizzical and bemused expression upon seeing this photo makes clear, it is.

So who is this celebrity? Naturally we're not going to give the game away too quickly, but here are a few clues that might help you out. See what you can make of them, and don't jump to any conclusions too quickly.

- This celebrity is a little musical
- This celebrity got married on a beach in Hawaii
- This celebrity is a practicing Buddhist

As before, feel free to ask us any 'yes/no' questions that you want clarification on. The winner of this week's contest will receive massive kudos in return for their efforts.

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Important new Improvements in Profile Pages: Adding Source Citations, YouTube Videos and More

MyHeritage.com is pleased to announce the next set of improvements to the profile pages, now live on your family sites. Several months ago, we revamped the profile pages to enable highly-detailed documentation of family members’ lives. Now we’ve taken this even further, offering comprehensive management of sources and citations to better document your research, as well as the ability to add interactive web content to profiles such as YouTube videos, photo slideshows and other widgets.

Profile pages are designed to give you an overview of the life of any person in your tree, and make it possible to view, add or edit information with ease. Let’s take a moment to walk through some of the new features we’ve added to the profiles in this update.

Source Citations

View sources you've used to document your profiles (click to enlarge)

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Video of the Week: Sharpen Your Family History Saw

Abraham Lincoln supposedly once said: "If I had six hours to chop down a tree, I'd spend the first four hours sharpening my axe."

This is the approach that our favourite video this week recommends. Except in this case, we don't want to chop down trees, but to build them.

This video, from Angela at The Beginning Genealogist, has some great tips for those starting out in family history. It's helpful because it recommends to take a step back and re-skill. Angela mentions a lot of friends who've been trying to break through genealogical brick walls for months and even years, but can't do so because they haven't got any new skills. Take her advice and you might avoid that fate!

It's got quite a few practical tips for progressing with your family history. Hope you like it!

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The Science of…Generations

We often talk in terms of generations. The next generation, my parents’ generation, “talkin’ bout my generation”, and so on. But are there really significant and identifiable differences between us and those born at different times? Does the fact that someone was born just a couple of decades apart from you make them a different sort of person?

We know that different generations were raised under different circumstances. They grew up using different types of technology, watching different television shows, and against the backdrop of different political and social events in the world.
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