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Genealogists resolutions for 2011

These are the days when many are busy thinking about resolutions for 2011. Many of things we did this year still remain pending, and are now part of the list of resolutions for the coming year.

There are many things people write down, such as: improve and progress at work; collaborate on worthy causes and helping others; exercise; lose weight; eat healthily; find love; spend more time with the children; improve relationships with family; travel; learn new things; quit; read more; get more healthy; be positive; and so on.

For genealogists and family history lovers, the resolutions can be a bit different, for example:

1. Begin or complete your family tree, you can share this purpose with their families that can help you enter information.

2. Invite more relatives to be part of your family site. Visit relatives who find it difficult to understand the site and explain how it works.

3. Interview those relatives we were missing this year (in this holiday season is the perfect time to arrange a day.)

4. Scan and upload family photos, you can also ask other family members help with this.

5. Visit the place of origin of that ancestor who migrated from the other side of the world.

6. Search and contact those distant relatives.

7. Invest more time to visit family archives and find information.

8. Join an association or organization related to Genealogy.

9. Attend to more courses and conferences related to Genealogy.

10. Transfer old videos to other formats and upload them in the family site.

We would like to know which of these goals you have decided to carry out this new year, and you would really help us in this by filling out our quick survey:

Do you have any additional resolutions that you would like to share with us? Leave your comment down below.

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